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AlienNation Co. is a non-profit multimedia arts organization and laboratory for cross-cultural performance that has evolved organically out of several collaborative projects. Over the past years, AlienNation Co. has been exploring the connections between live performance and cinematic/video space-time, promoting new processes of composition combining choreography with digital media, acoustic and electronic music, poetry and the visual arts.

Experimenting with both site-specific and cross-cultural performance materials, the company has been particularly concerned with physical-emotional experience (in the body) and with the ideology of visual objects/images. Its experimental work, which includes theatre and dance pieces, installations, and film concerts, evolves together with video/film production, CD/CD-ROMs, documentation, and writing.

The work addresses issues of our time and our various, overlapping cultural experiences. As collaborative work with artists in other locations, it offers a contribution to the crossing of borders and the exchange of creative dialogues in the world.


AlienNation Co. has premiered numerous productions since its formation in 1993. After the international touring of "AlienNation" (1993-94), the second production, "Lovers Fragments," was created in two different versions shown in Cleveland and Chicago between April and December 1995. Film versions of "Lovers Fragments" were presented at festivals and conferences in London, Helsinki, Montreal, and Havana. More recent projects include a sequence of site-specific opera experiments, "Parsifal" (1995-97) and MIGBOT (1998-99), based on an exploration of myth, virtual space, and the production of sexualities.

Since 1996 the company offers a media/technology and interactive performance workshop entitled "LBLM", and since 1997 several new multimedia productions, "before night falls," "Parachute," "North By South," and "migbot" were created in various locations in Houston and abroad.


The company's new website was created in 1998 after AlienNation instituted itself as an organization in Texas.


Artistic Director (Houston): Johannes Birringer. - Associate Director : Maria de los Angeles Romero. - Musical director (Houston): Steve Pare - Artistic associates: Patrick Clark. - Emmanuel Woodward.- Rebecca Lowe. - Hans Staartjes. - Donald Calledare, Serena Lin, Christina Gianelli, Wendy Aldwyn, Chris Aranda, Anna Fay Williams, Mel Landin, Christy Singleton - Andre Marquetti., Elaine Molinaro, Tara Peters.

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For further information, contact:

Artistic Director Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.

Mother Dog Studios, 720 Walnut
Houston, TX 77002

email: orpheus at rice dot edu



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