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AlienNation Co. utilizes its own video production studio facilities to integrate performance/dance/theatre, installation, and music works with new, experimental camera-oriented choreographies and digital recombinations of live art. Founded in 1994, xenologue productions is the video department of the company. It is a vital part of AlienNation's multimedia research; it distributes performance/music videos and documentaries of the company's work while also collaborating with other artists in Chicago, Houston, and abroad on the production and international exchange of independently created performance and media art work. Most recently xenologue produced videos for the Latino community arts activists "Ojos del Pueblo" in Chicago, for the Fantasie-Labor artists and cultural workers in Eisenhuettenstadt (East Germany), for the Havana-based ensemble "Teatreros de Orile," and for the Slovene project "Makrolab," first exhibited at the documenta 10 (1998).

The members of AlienNation Co. are committed to working in a variety of performance and electronic media, spanning from dance-theatre, installation-performance, and film concerts to radio and Internet art. The musicians also perform free-form music concerts independently from the Company's theatre work. Together with the musicians and Steve Pare's experimental sound studio, xenologue productions provides the visual and sonic designs for the live performance works and the integrated multimedia installations. AlienNation Co. is planning to release several original recorded works during 1998, among them its first CD-ROM, "North by South" (AlienNation Co. Label).

Videos produced by xenologue will be featured at video festivals and at the IMZ "DanceScreen Festival" in Lyon (1996). The new film project, "La logica que se cumple," was premiered at the International Film Festival in Havana, Cuba (1996) and at the Chicago Latino Film Festival (1997). "Skybooks" was first shown at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston (1997).

A documentary of the new 1998 performance technology lab MIGBOT (England) will be released in September 1998.

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company dossier | blackbox productions | residencies | recordings/videos

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