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  Ways to promote your web presence.

NOTE: Many of the ideas below were gleaned from the CBI listserv.

  • Have the URL incorporated into your stationary.
  • Include the url in your email signatures.
  • Include the URL on playsheets submitted to various publications.
  • Take the time to make sure you are listed in virtually every search engine, under various categories and search criteria.
  • Make sure your url gets mentioned if anyone writes anything about you. Periodic press releases about developments on the web site can't hurt either!
  • Get an easy to remember address! If you can, get a domain name with your call letters or try some of those free address places. Many Campus IT people can set up a "redirect". The url for this web site is A redirect from works and is a lot easier to remember!
  • Do you stream events for the Athletic department? They should promote your url for you as well! Yours can tell parents and alumni to listen to the game on the web at ""
  • Of course all this is moot is the stream is not always there and as clean as possible.
  • Is your url "tagged" on to your legal id? Postioning statements? Image ID's?
  • Be sure your site is friendly to search engine robots. Include meta tags on your pages for both description and keywords. Be sure these tags include appropriate reference to your live stream.
  • Promotion of your live stream must run parallel with promotion of your web site in general.
  • Make sure your site always has fresh material and it is not out of date. Give visitors a reason to come back. Don't be one of the college stations that include a program schedule dated Fall 199X! If you include a program grid, describe the programming in each block, not just the announcers' names. Many college station web sites include Top 10/Top30/Top 40 lists that are old, or are not dated.
  • Not all of your web listeners will be from outside of your area. Make use of on-air promos to remind your over-the-air listeners that you also offer the streaming. Current fans will spread the word to their out-of-town friends. Office workers are particularly attracted to webcasts.
  • Many of new web listeners are people who have moved away from our area, were previously fans of the station, and discover the availability of our streams because they've just dropped by our web site to check up on us.
  • Consider designing an on-air contest that is entered by means of your web site.
  • Again, promotion of your streaming, your web site, and your over-the-air programming must all dovetail together so that all of your efforts reinforce each other.