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 The first thing I must do is say that I AM NOT A LAWYER! The other things that I must mention are that I periodically update this page as the needs come to my attention... in other words, this may not be 100 percent up to date!


2001 EAS Handbook . Replace your old versions. (At the moment, this is the most current version.)

Some states and local areas have their own EAS plans. Be sure you check to see if yours is listed.

There are some new rules which will not affect you unless you purchase new equipment.

Before I get into good links for the FCC, you might want to research an "Alternative Inspection Program". Many State Broadcasting Associations participate in a program that will exempt you from routine FCC inspections for 3 years. For more information, you should contact your State Broadcasting Association.

The first place to refer to is The F.C.C.  The FCC has a ton of info, some of it is not easy to find... but the FCC is getting better. Below is a tool which will help you locate specific sections.

And here is the FCC search function.

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Perhaps my favorite link is below...

Harold's Search This is a great resource! Be sure to read the "how to" section to take full advantage! If you do, you will find sections with links to the cross refernced sections and more!

Be sure to get a copy of the FCC checklist (new for most services in March 2002). This is also available from the link above with linked references!

Look Up your FM station  

Unattended Operation
Thinking about automating your station? Here are some links that explain what is necessary to "walk away". Remember, however, that the station MUST maintain "minimum staffing" at the main studio.

Public File (for non-commercial stations)