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 Part 15 is a better title for this section. Part 15 of the FCC's rules allows for the operation of unlicensed radio stations. I won't get technical here, because there are more qualified people at the companies who sell the equipment (links below). This section is also light on detail, because it is intended to introduce concepts. If you want more information, ask via e-mail! 

Basically, what this means is that a college can operate a low powered radio station, which is heard primarily on campus. 

There are three  methods commonly used by colleges. 

Carrier Current - This method broadcasts your signal on the AM band. Your audio is fed to a transmitter or series of transmitters which introduce an AM signal into the electrical system of a building (usually a dorm). The electrical system then acts as your antenna. Radios in and near the building can pick up the broadcast. 

Free Radiate - Although this term is used by one company, both companies will sell you this type of system for AM broadcasting. This system uses an actual antenna to radiate or broadcast your signal. Some general thoughts on this type of system is that the signal cannot leave the campus in a "useable" manner. That means that the antenna should be located centrally to the intended audience. With any luck, the dorms will not be near the campus border! 

Leaky Cable - This FM technology uses a coaxial cable (similar to cable TV cable), to broadcast your signal. The cable is run in the buildings where your intended audience reside. This special cable is designed to "leak" your FM signal. 

Want to learn more from the source? Follow this to the FCC.

Here are links to the two companies the make and sell equipment to implement the above... talk to them to learn more, then check with suppliers to see if you can get a better price! 

          LPB                                     Radio Systems 

There are other ways to distribute your "broadcasts" which do not fall under Part 15. 

Cable FM Most residential colleges provide or make Cable TV available. You can put an FM signal on the cable, just like a television signal. When the cable is connected to a radio, your station will appear on the FM dial, in stereo. If your school provides the cable service, start by talking to the people who maintain the system. This could be an easy and inexpensive solution, but perhaps not the best alternative... how many people do you know who listen to cable FM? You can make it successful, but it will require a lot of work! Questions ?  Ask  via e-mail! 

Cable TV Audio - If your campus has cable TV, you can put your audio on a cable TV channel. If there is a text based service on campus, you can be the background audio for that service, or if you are ambitious, you can create your own on screen content. I've also seen an instance where a high school station provided audio to the local community as the background audio for a text based service. You may be able to require this... some states mandate that cable systems provide up to three cable channels for the Public, Educational and Government sectors (PEG). 

"Cafeteria"  This simply involves having the station audio piped into a cafeteria. This form of "broadcasting" can be very rewarding. It can also lay the ground work for bigger and better things, if that is your goal.