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*NOTE: The accuracy of the information on these links has not been verified. Use them at your own discretion.

There has been a growing interest in music available for webcast that is not subject to the fees surrounding the DMCA, CARP, etc. I think it is only natural for this web page to offer some links to directories for such material and some direct links to "FreeWeb" labels. Please see important notes and comments at the bottom of this page.

The Free Music Archive - Archive of Free MP3 Music Sources.

the Elite Veterans Of Rock website - Home for some of the world's finest Free Agent Musicians.

Independent Music Owners in Favor of Internet Radio - List of Independent Artists and Small Record Labels interested in webcasting their music.

EvolutionRadio - EvolutionRadio is a new kind of web radio station, featuring all kinds of new artists making cutting-edge music.

Unknown Artists - is bringing together artists and Internet broadcasters with the help of Broadcast Central to form alliances. Artists can join the service and fill out this release to enable webcasters to play their music for free.

RRadio Network - RRadio Network is a group of online radio stations wanting to play music from unsigned artists. Artists can sign up and fill out the waiver to allow their music to be played for free. Stations can also join the network to access the music. - ScreaminMP3 brings the best Independent Net Radio Stations, Independent Record Labels and Independent Artists together into one complete Independent Community.

Artemis Records - Artemis Records has agreed to issue licenses to internet radio for one year for the master use of songs by all Artemis recording artists. This announcement was made today by Danny Goldberg, Chairman and CEO, Artemis Records and Daniel Glass, President, Artemis Records. During this period, beginning August 1, 2002, Artemis will waive the royalty payments that would otherwise be due them.

Emilie Autumn - Emilie Autumn offers entire music catalog to Internet Radio Webcasters Worldwide for free download.

Janis Ian - Janis Ian taken a stand in the Internet Downloads debate and has posted free downloads on her web site. You will need to contact her to inquire about a webcasting waiver in order to stream from your Interent Radio station.


Please email us any suggested links for this site

(Personal note) I do not think a boycott of the any specific label or group is a solution for all college broadcasters/webcasters. Some may seek to boycott and that is perfectly acceptable and commendable. Others do not seek a boycott. That is also perfectly acceptable and commendable. I only post this information for those to do with it as they wish. If you are webcasting and are not looking for a boycott, this information could help you reduce your royalty fees. If you play music and have obtained a waiver for that music, or it is not copyrighted, you do not have to report it or pay a royalty on it.

Please note, there are three royalties to be concerned with. The musical work (words, music, etc.) which is covered by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. There is the Sound Recording, which is under the control of the Copyright Owner. In general, these are the fees that are being discussed under the terms, "CARP" and "DMCA". These fees are collected by the Sound Exchange, which (as of this writing), is an unincorporated division of the RIAA that collects fees on behalf of ALL copyrighted sound recordings, unless a waiver has been obtained. The third fee is the Ephemeral fee, which is for copies.

For more information on these fees, try two sources, CBI and Save Our Streams.