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College Broadcasters Resource
This section of CB contains links for those wishing to obtain a job in radio and TV. I want this to be the BEST link page for job$ in R/TV on the web.

FWIW, I do not knowingly link to any sites that require the job seeker to pay a fee!

CB and CBI also have a jobs e-mail service!

Stations from around the country will send openings to CBI. These will be sent to all subscribers to the list. To subscribe to the FREE service, visit If you don't want to subscribe, you can review the openings at the archive site at

Please note that this list accepts attachments! Many of our contacts forward job openings via word and power point. In order to benefit from this service, you must be willing to accept e-mail with attachments. Thus we highly recommend that you use anti-virus software and keep it current. CBI will screen all e-mail in an attempt to prevent the list from being used for SPAM and malicious code distribution.

For those offering opportunities…

Those who would like to submit job and internship opportunities only need to send an e-mail to Please keep in mind that we seek not only listings of full time opportunities, but part time and internships as well.


Any, org, net, etc
    If you are targeting a specific company, University or College, or other organization, check out their web site! Many have job listings posted on their site.

American Journalism Review
    Journalism jobs in and out of Broadcast. Claims a lot of awards... I think the site is poorly designed... but who am I to cast stones!

    Want to learn about the opportunities at the BBC, check out this link.

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine On Line
    The trade magazines job bank, "updated daily".

California Chicano News Media Association
    News Jobs for all in Print, Radio and Television from around the Country

Capitol Broadcasting Company
    Internships and Jobs.

Career Page
    A cooperative effort of State Broadcasting Associations. Still not as complete as a visit to each of their sites... see below.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe This Week
    Good link if you are thinking of working in Higher Ed. Searchable data base. Check Weekly!

Clear Channel
    Job listings for the clear channel stations

    CNN jobs

Cox Enterprises
    Cable, TV, newspaper publishing, television and radio broadcasting, and Internet content. Could be a little difficult to navigate.

Cost of Living Analysis
    Not a job finding site, but it will let you compare the value of the dollar in different parts of the country!

Cost-of-living comparator
    Same as above, by another company. Check out both!

CPB Jobline
    The Corporation for public Broadcasting Jobline. Jobs at public broadcasting stations (5 or more employees).


Current Online: news about public broadcasting
    Good link if you are thinking about a career in public broadcasting. Updated about every 2 weeks!

Development Exchange Jobline
    Underwriting, marketing, etc. for public radio stations.

Don Fitzpatrick Associates
    TV Job Bank. Listings are only good for 1 week, so check weekly!

    On line version of Electronic Media. Very TV oriented. Claims to be up to a week ahead of the printed version. When you get there, click on the "Careers" tab.

Film, TV and Commercial Employment Network
    Title says it all.

Fisher Radio Group
    This group is located in Montana and Washington State.

    Friday Morning Quarter Back

    More than just newspapers! Take a look.

    Illinois News Broadcast Association.

    News, Stocks, and JOBS!

Interscape-The Radio Pages.
    Really oriented to commercial radio. If you register, they will send an e-mail every time the list is updated!

Jefferson-Pilot Communications Job Opportunities
    Job Opportunities for this multiple owner.

Learfield Communications Sports, News and Agriculture.

Maryland Public Television


    Training and placement

    Metro Networks is a television/radio news and information services organization and part of Westwood One.

Minnesota Public Radio
    What more can be said... want to work in Minnesota? Public Radio? Click the link!

Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program Openings Page
    No jobs listed, but a training placement program.

M Street
    Better known for its FCC and transaction data.

NAB Broadcast Career Center
    The National Association of Broadcasters site. Search or look at a complete list.

    National Public Radio Job Site

NPR Next Gen

    Not exactly an award, but a number of intership opportunities.

New Radio Star

PBS Jobs
    Want to work at a PBS stations? The job openings are listed on this site.

Public Radio Jobs
    Other public radio jobs compiled by NPR

Radio and Records
    Trade Magazine shows Job Opportunities broken down by region. Click on the opportunities link.

Radio Broadcasting Services Both Jobs and Help wanted info.

Radio Ready.Com

Radio Web Job Center .
    Gives basic info on how to prepare for a job on the air. Worth a visit!

Radio Web Job list
    Radio jobs, GM, part timers, A/E's, full time air...

    The jobs sections is a pay service. This section shows scholarships and internships in news

    Mostly TV and online Jobs. Other categories available.

Sinclair Broadcast Group.
    Broadcast TV Group.

    Interesting site for ... showbiz. Searchable by location, company, job type, etc. Lots of Hollywood type stuff, but does cross into Broadcast and more

State Broadcasting Associations (SBA's)
    This link will provide a fairly complete list of SBA's. Also included is a link to the SBA's job page, if applicable.

State labor departments 
    No link provided (yet)! You'd be surprised at the number of broadcast positions found here!

    Talent Dynamics
      Don't let the name fool you, this site is not for talent only! Lots of TV Jobs! Includes jobs for a lot of the network affiliates in various markets.

      VA based public Radio and TV

      Public Broadcasting in Boston

      Want to work in NY? For a PBS station? Here's your link!

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