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Below is a list of software that can be useful to stations. No endorsement of any of the products is intended.

Music Scheduling

RCS Selector. Last I checked, software is free for NCE's, but they will charge an annual maintenance fee of $100 - $250. If you add Linker, you can also generate logs, affidavits, etc.

Natural Music. Two programs, Natural Log- Radio Traffic/Logging & Billing $1295 and Natural Music- Radio Scheduler/Database New Windows version, $695.

MusicMaster . Buy out available.

Music 1. Two versions, light and full. Demo available.

Powergold 2002 Price depends on your market size.

For a larger list check this link!

Automation Systems

AudioVAULT. A BE product.

WaveStation. Owned by one of the big radio companies.

Scott Studios system Lots of different products.

ENCO System's DADPro32. I've been using it for several years now and it's Rock Solid -- especially the NT system (I started with the DOS). DADPro is expensive but it's a full service system, from jock assist to full automation. They have superb tech support. We schedule it using Selector.
-Jerry Henderson, Central Michigan University

Arrakis Digilink-FREE Go download a copy and tell us what you think!

LPB 3 Products available now.

Chechout It's the radio audiomation software we use at KWVS Pepperdine University. The drs2006 website has a demo. (about a 10 meg download) The cart replacement modules of the demo are not crippled in any way and VERY usuable with a standard sound card. Bill Dawson TV/Radio Engineer Pepperdine University

Winamp! Yes, believe it or not, stations use programs like Winamp and Real Audio Jukebox for automation.

All this info on automation would not be complete without a reference to the rules concerning unattended operation. See the FCC page for some links on the topic.

Audio Editing

Pro Tools Originally a Mac Ap, it is now also available for Windows. There is also a FREE version on the web site. 10 MB download for PC or Mac.

Cool Edit Various price/feature levels, free working demo.

SAW PC based. Ask for the educational discount.

X-Track by Digigram.

Sonic Foundry offers two programs, Sound Forge and Vegas.