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This list of services is provided by Randall Davidson of WPR.
If you have additions, please send them along! SATELLITE SERVICES Updated 7/01 Alphabetical by network/producer title Please send additions/updates/corrections to Randall Davidson at Please let producers know where you found about about their program...and thanks to all who responded. -AMERICAN INDIAN RADIO ON SATELLITE (AIROS) Various Native American programs available via Ku satellite. (+ some on NPR satellite) Programs include: -AlterNative Voices (Native music/interviews/news) -Different Drums (Native music) -Earthsongs (Native music) -Native America Calling (live call-in program: also on NPR satellite) -Native Sounds-Native Voices (Native music; both national and regional hosts) -Voices From the Circle (Native news/music/issues/entertainment/ storytelling) Contact producer for further information: all programming is available free for a 6-month trial period. AIROS 402-472-3287/402-472-0941 -AP ALL-NEWS RADIO Live 24-hour continuous news and information feed. Can be used as an automated format with local inserts, automated nighttime format or supplement to regular station programming. Contact producer for equipment requirements and fees. Associated Press 202-736-9676 -AP NETWORK NEWS Full-service 24-hour news and information network with live newscasts, audio sound bites, entertainment and lifestyle features, sports and business reports and emergency live coverage of breaking news. Contact producer for equipment requirements and fees. Associated Press 202-736-9676 -PACIFICA RADIO NETWORK Various news/public affairs/spoken word/music programs distributed via Ku-band satellite 9am-7pm ET weekdays and 9pm- 11pm ET Sunday. Pacifica produces the following programs: -Pacifica Network News: 29-minute weekday newsmagazine of world and national news (excerptable) -Democracy Now: 59-minute weekday news/interview program. Other programs are produced by various stations/agencies. Programs are transmitted on left or right channel, allowing two programs to be fed simultaneously Contact producer for information on equipment and fees. 202-588-0999/ext 321 -RADIO BILINGUE Spanish language programming available 24/7 via Ku-band satellite (producer will assist stations in acquiring equipment). Numerous music programs, live call-in program (Linea Abierta), news and public affairs programs, weekly Hmong program and some English language programs also available on NPR satellite (Latino USA, California Report). Weekly program changes available via fax or e- mail. Contact producer for details. Radio Bilingue 510-845-4861 -RADIO NETHERLANDS ENGLISH LANGUAGE SERVICE 15 hours/day of English langauage programming available on Ku band and C-band satellite: the regular daily stream of programming from the English Language Service of Radio Netherlands. FREE of charge to non-commercial stations in the U.S. Programs include: -Live News Bulletin (7 minutes per hour M-Fri, 5 minutes Sunday) -Newsline (15 minutes per hour M-Sat. Includes interviews) -Wide Angle (15 minutes per hour, Sunday. In-depth look at major news event of the week) -Europe Unzipped (15 minutes alternating hours, Saturday. Compilation of European news, including some unusual items that might not have made it in the headlines) -A Good Life (30 minutes, Societal Development) -The Radio Netherlands Documentary (30 minutes, on subjects of a global nature...history of the cinema, sinking of the Titanic, tigers in India,land mines in Angola, giveback of Hong Kong and the Panama Canal, etc.) -Dutch Horizons (30 minutes, Social affairs and lively popular culture in the Netherlands) -EuroQuest (30 minutes, The European newsmagazine) -Music 52-15 (30 minutes, Music from around the world) -Research File (30 minutes, Science and medicine) -Roughly Speaking (30 minutes, Trends in music and lifestyle, travel, education, food, etc. For the 18-31 crowd) -Sound Fountain (30 minutes, Lifely talk, thought-provoking ideas with an eclectic mix of sound) Demo CD available. Contact producer for equipment requirements and further information. Also: 11 hours/daily SPANISH language programming available. Lee Martin Manager of Client Services Radio Netherlands, North America 414 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite 200 West Orange, NJ 07052 1-800-797-1670 -WCPE-FM Hosted classical music programming 24/7 with BBC World Service newscasts top of some hours. Stations can use all or any part of feed. Available on C-band satellite and can be accessed using home satellite gear: producer will assist station in locating equipment. Tone at top of hour can activate local ID. Free of charge. WCPE-FM 800-556-5178 -WORLD RADIO NETWORK 24/7 stream of English-language daily news and features programming from international broadcasters, including China, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, France, Austria, Slovakia, New Zealand, Denmark, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Russia, Carribean. *FREE by C-band satellite. Schedule, access info, and contract at Contact distributor for information. Sue Schardt 617-436-9024