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The following links are to FCC cases of indecency. If you notice that a link has the identical number, with a different extension, you will find that these are the same case. The .txt extension is a text version. The .wp extension is a word perfect version. Very often, the word perfect version will contain more information. It is important to note that these links are provided as a point of reference and that outcome indicated may not be the final determination in any single case. At a minimum, it will give you an idea of what the FCC considers actionable. BTW, these are links to the files at the FCC site.

October 4, 1996. WVIC. No details available. NAL for $8,000 WP51  Text

October 15, 1996. WBZU (WVGO). Howard Stern between 10/23/95-6/3/96. No details. NAL for $10000. WP51   Text

November 7, 1996. KTFM - Prince song Erotic City. NAL $7,500 WP51  Text

April 8, 1997. WEZB. The "Passion Show" & "Howard Stern. NAL $12,000. WP51 Text

June 24, 1997, WXRK. Howard Stern. NAL $6,000 WP51 Text

June 24, 1997, WCFM. "Brother Wease Morning Show Circus - No details. NAL $2000. WP51 Text

June 19, 1997, WEBN. "Bubba the Love Sponge"- no details. NAL $4000 WP51 Text

August 27, 1997, WEBN. Jacor refuses to respond. No details. Forfeiture $4000 WP51TEXT

December 17, 1997, KUPD. 8 year old pelvis "joke". Forfeiture $2000. WP51  Text

February 6, 1998. KNON. Song "I want to be a Homosexual". Reduced NAL from $12,500 to $2,000. WP51  Text

February 9, 1998 KKLZ. "Chocolate Train" & "Men are Pigs". Forfeiture, $8000. WP51  Text

June 5, 1998. KEGL. Howard Stern. Part of a license challenge. NAL $2000. WP51 Text

June 16, 1998. WYBB. "...can't say shit." NAL reduced from $3750 to $2000 forfeiture. WP51  Text

June 19, 1998. KPTY/KBZR. Prince song Erotic City. NAL $7500. WP51  Text

June 29, 1998. KKND. Howard Stern - lots of material. NAL $6000 WP51  Text

August 6, 1998. KPTY. Prince song Erotic City. Forfeiture $7500. WP51  Text

August 6, 1998. WSUC. "Yodelling in the Valley". Reduction of NAL from $23,750 to forfeiture of $4,200. WP51  Text

August 10, 1998. WXTB. Bubba the Love Sponge "No Panties", "Nail Gun", "Dick Vital", "Billy Doll". (Broadcast 6/12 & 6/20/97) NAL $4,000. WP51 Text

August 26, 1998. KGB. "Candy Wrapper" & "Sit on my Face". NAL of $25000, reduced to $9200 forfeiture. WP51  Text

January 8, 1999. WXTB. Bubba the Love Sponge. "Blow Up Doll". NAL $7000. (Broadcast 5/28/98) WP51   Text

March 17, 1999. WWKX. "Real Deal Mike Neil". NAL $7000. WP51   Text

July 22, 1999. WQAM. "Uterus Guy", "Let's Pork" (NY, NY parody), "Girl from Ipanema" parody, "Anal Sex" song, & "Anal Sex" phoner. NAL for $35,000 (see 1/28/00 for forfeiture) WP51  Text

January 14, 2000, WPBN/WTOM. "Schindler's List" not indecent. DOC   Text

January 28, 2000. WQAM. "Uterus Guy", "Let's Pork" (NY, NY parody), "Girl from Ipanema" parody, "Anal Sex" song, & "Anal Sex" phoner. Forfeiture for $35,000 (See 7/22/99). DOC   Text

April 28, 2000. KROR. "Head". NAL $7000. DOC   Text
Petition for reconsideration denied.

June 13, 2000. KROQ. Song, "You Suck". Forfeiture for $2000. DOC   Text

    March 22, 2001. KROQ. Song, "You Suck". Petition for reconsideration denied. DOC Text

June 27, 2000 WXTB. Forfeiture. $23,000

June 28, 2000. WXTB. "Bubba" (See 1/8/99 above). Forfeiture for $7000. DOC   Text

July 14, 2000. KRXK. "Whip Lash". NAL $7000 DOC   Text

    October 12, 2000. KRXK. Forfeiture of $7000 for above. DOC   Text

July 26, 2000 KFBI. MMO < a href=""> rescinds NAL.

July 27, 2000. KFMH. MMO rescinds NAL. DOC   Text

August 24, 2000. KROR. "Head" (See 4/28/00 above). Forfeiture for $6000, reduced from NAL for $7000. DOC   Text

September 7, 2000. KZGL. "Queen of the Nasty". NAL for $6000 DOC   Text

September 26, 2000. KSJO. "Shower Joke". NAL for $7000 DOC   Text

September 26, 2000. KSJO. "Performing Fellatio". NAL for $7000. DOC   Text

October 6, 2000. KTXQ. "Size". NAL $7,000 HTML

December 5, 2000. WLLD. "Last Damn Show". NAL for $7000. DOC   Text

    March 2, 2001. WLLD. "Last Damn Show". Forfeiture for $7000. DOC   Text

January 18, 2001. WZEE. "The Real Slim Shady". NAL for $7000. DOC   TEXT

February 5, 2001. WXRK. Rescind NAL. DOC TEXT

February 8, 2001. WCOM. "El vacilon de la Manana" NAL for $21,000. DOC TEXT
Foreiture 5/11/01 for $18,600.

February 8, 2001. KLOU. " Wallet up the A**" Comments of FCC Commissioner Tristiani

February 13, 2001. WRLR. FCC Commisioner Tristiani's comments on this compaint.

February 28, 2001. WGR. FCC Commisioner Tristiani's on the WGR "piss on" complaint.

March 27,2001. WXQR. FCC Commmisioner Tristiani's comments on this dismissed complaint. Historical links are provided within.

March 30, 2001. WKAQ-TV. "No te Duermas" .NAL $21,000. HTML

April 3, 2001 KEGL. "Kramer and Twitch". NAL $14,000 HTML Text Word

April 5, 2001. FCC Commisioner Tristiani's comments on the Indecency complaints against WBZZ-FM and WLAN-FM. The history from complaint to dismissal is available from the links.

The FCC has issued a policy statement (4/6/01) on broadcast indecency (4/6/01). HTML PDF DOC

April 6, 2001. WKQX. "Fisting and Oral Sex". NAL $14,000 Text   HTML Word

April 6, 2001. FCC Commisioner Tristani's Comments on the Policy Statement on Interpreting 18 U.S.C. 1464 And Enforcement Policies Regarding Broadcast Indecency

May 14, 2001. KBOO. "Your Revolution" NAL for $7000. TXT Word

May 31, 2001. KKGM. "The Real Slim Shady II!" NAL for $7000. HTML Word

June 27, 2001. WTXF-TV. FCC Commissioner Tristani's Comments on the Indecency complaint againsty the TV Station (Lack of a tape). HTML   TEXT   Word

July 2, 2001 WDCG - "shaking hands with the queen" Tristani Comments

July 2, 2001 Sex w/9 Yr old Tristani Comments.