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EAS info page contains links to the EAS Manufacturers web site, tips, and a link to an EAS checklist. I am also starting to compile a SAGE quirks page. Have something to contribute? let me know!

Most manufacturers offer some sort of software upgrade. Make sure you have the latest. It should be free in most cases. If not, try contacting tech support, instead of the sales person you are probably talking to at the company.

2001 EAS Handbook Print and replace your old handbook with this version!

Some states and local areas have their own EAS plans. Be sure you check to see if yours is listed.

There are some new rules which will not affect you unless you purchase new equipment. Burk


Sage Endec

TFT 911

If your sage is in the habit of cycling (recycling or restarting) the problem is probably the power supply (wall wart). You can order a replacement from Harris or replace the caps in the wall wart if you know how or buy a PS from another vendor.

Paper Sources. At last check, each was less than half the cost of buying the paper from Harris!

    Try your local office supply store or
    Quill (800) 789-1331
    The vendor # is PMF906, and the stock # is #5228.
    Boise office supply,
    Labeled: Perfection THERMAL ROLL PAPER
    FIVE EA. 38 mm x 4m BLACK IMAGE (coreless)
    for use on Canon TP-8, T.I. 5000-5008, Sharp 8180,
    Casio FX-802 and other hand-held caculators
    >Staples catalog no. PMF5228
    Call for the nearest distribution pt; 800-462-1853

TFT offers a printer board upgrade and another upgrade designed to keep the unit from going "brain dead".

    Ribbon Source(s) If you find other sources, please share the information.
    Epson ERC-09 Ribbon. Available mostly via e-tail. My most recent purchase was done via yahoo shopping/action computer supply. A box of 6 for $14.64 and free ground shipping.