(1) Rice Community Garden Manual
The manual is passed down through the student coordinators, but anyone may ask to borrow it.

Preface and Important Tips by Jennifer Wang (May 2006): DOC or PDF
Directions to Omega House from the garden: Google Maps
(2) Improvement of the Rice Community Garden: DOC or PDF
by Jennifer Wang
Final Report for 3-credit independent study project in Environmental Studies (Enst 400).
Advisors: Dr. Paul Harcombe and Richard Johnson.

Selected appendices:
Diagram of the Garden: PPT or JPG
5-year Crop Rotation Schedule: DOC or PDF
(3) Rice Community Garden Flyer: DOC or PDF.

(4) Year Round Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers for Metro Houston: A Natural Organic Approach Using Ecology
by Bob Randall, Ph.D. (Executive Director of Urban Harvest)
The student coordinators keep the 12th edition (2005) of this extremely thorough and useful guide to organic gardening in Houston. The subtitle is "A Natural Organic Approach Using Ecology"). Contact one of them to borrow it. The 11th edition (1999) is available at the Community Involvement Center office in the RMC Cloisters (contact Mac Griswold).