Rice University
Rice University // Rice University website
Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP) // the garden's parent organization
Omega House // organization that receives our garden's harvest

Community Gardening
Urban Harvest // local, independent nonprofit organization dedicated to strenghtening communites through gardening. Our garden is an affiliate garden. They can help any interested group to start their own garden, and they've got organic gardening classes (that are free to regular volunteers at our garden!)
American Community Gardening Association // organization for community gardeners in the US
Garden Web | Community Gardens // forum for community gardeners

Organic Gardening
Seeds of Change // organic seed supplier, information about organic gardening
Johnny's Selected Seeds // organic seed supplier
Organic Gardening // website for the magazine
National Organic Program // the USDA's effort to regulate all "organic" things

Permaculture Activist // everything you wanted to know about permaculture
Farm Aid // saving the small farm
Vegetarian Recipes // things to do with what you grow