Overview: [Characterization of red cell membrane proteins by SDS-PAGE] [research paper]
Topics: [gel analysis] [molecular mass standard curve] [measuring relative mobility] ["Hall of Shame"]
Data: [gel images]

Bands Crowded at the Top of the Gel

Stopped too soon – example 1

It is obvious where the dye front was on this gel. There was room to continue electrophoresis, which would have spread out the bands even more and improved resolution. Note that the pattern is consistent with the other gels that "went the distance." Relative mobility, for gels of identical composition, is the same for identical proteins. The resolution is improved with the distance the proteins are permitted to migrate, until resolution becomes limited by diffusion.

Stopped too soon – example 2

Each of these gels – one of about 7%T and one about 14%T – was looking good. Someone became impatient and stopped the run early. They are usable, but the separation would have been much better if the dye front had been allowed to reach the bottom of the gel. This will happen when you run late, the instructor gets hungry, and you aren't there to keep him from taking down your gel.



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