Running Rice Vegetarian Club

This "guidebook" is basically the collected observations of two of the former RVC officers. It is meant as a resource for new officers and we hope it will be useful to anyone involved with the RVC. The original authors were Vivek Pai and Vijay Pai, but we hope that future officers will add their collective wisdom to keep the book a living resource.

Philosophy of the Rice Veggie Club

Management advice for everyone

One important thing for officers to remember is that Krishna Kripa is not available every Saturday. Be sure to check with him periodically to find out about major temple events or personal commitments, and *expect* him to be out of commission during

  • Westheimer Arts Festivals (2/year; late October and early May)
  • Rice Environmental Conference (mid-February)
  • KTRU Outdoor Show (early April)
  • Publicity and Posters

    The mailing list

    Our home page

    Contacting Krishna Kripa

    The college rep system

    Veggie Cutting

    Plastic containers

    Running the dinner