Veggie cutting

Veggie cutting is basically just a question of good management and coordination. At the beginning of each semester, the president is responsible for putting together the schedule of what colleges are responsible for veggie cutting on what day. This list should be posted on the WWW page. The college reps can be notified, but in all likelihood, they are human, and until they need this information, they may not pay attention to it. It's the president's job to make sure that it's brought to their attention when it is important.

Every week, the president should get in contact with Krishna Kripa and find out how many veggie cutters will be needed. This information should be sent to the appropriate college rep on Monday. The mail to the rep should also include a pointer to the page about what the responsibilities of the rep are, just to make sure that they have not lost it. The president should also call the rep, and speak to the rep _in person_ to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

At this point, the president should inform the mailing list coordinator, who will send a message to the members of the college telling them that it's their turn to cut vegetables, and how to contact their college rep. The mailing list coordinator should also send the college rep a list of all people at that college.

It is the college rep's duty to have people lined up by Wednesday, and the president should call the rep on Thursday to confirm that everything is in place. If the college rep has not found people, then the president should take steps to make sure that there will be enough veggie cutters. Sometimes, other events on campus will cause a low turnout of veggie cutters, and this is where the officers are often called upon at the last minute.

The college rep should also determine if there is enough transportation available to take people veggie cutting, and if not, the president and the college rep should work out the transportation arrangement. There should always be one officer present at veggie cutting, and this officer serves as the kitchen manager to make sure everything goes smoothly. This officer should also cut vegetables, but we can't expect the college reps to remember where everything came from and where everything goes, and that's the role of the kitchen manager.

The temple is located at 1320 West 34th street, between Ella Blvd and Shepherd. The fastest way of getting there is to take 59 North to 45 North to 610 West. From 610, exit at Ella Blvd and take a right turn. Take a right at 34th street, and the temple will be on the left side at a cross-street called Golf.

Another route involves taking 59 South to 610 North, passing the Galleria, and wrapping around to 610 East. When 290 splits off from 610, stay on 610 and exit Ella Blvd. Take a left under the freeway, and take a right at 34th street.

Finally, the shortest way there, by distance, is to take Shepherd straight north. It's a little twisty at times, but if you stay in the middle/left lane, you won't find yourself branching off on a side street. Shepherd will continue, crossing 610, and the first signal at that time will be 34th street. Take a left, and go for several blocks. Once you pass the YMCA, the temple will be on your right. The return trip involves taking Durham Street, since Shepherd is one-way at points. Once you're at 34th and Shepherd and you go back down Shepherd, it will quickly split off into Durham street. This split will be in effect for a few miles, and the streets will merge once again closer to Westheimer.

The temple's phone numbers are 713-686-4482 and 713-680-1525, just in case you get lost.