Contacting Krishna Kripa

Krishna Kripa is hard to reach, but it's important to stay in touch with him fairly regularly to make sure things run smoothly. During regular times, when there's a dinner every weekend, there may not be a great need to call him all the time, since any information that needs to be exchanged is usually known a week in advance.

He maintains hours which are not standard Rice hours, so it's best to call between 9am and 9pm. He's got a family, so please don't call late. He can be reached at home (713-680-8988) or sometimes at the Hare Krishna temple (713-686-4482). If you call either place and someone greets you with an unfamiliar word, it's probably "Haribol", and that's the Hare Krishna way of greeting each other. If you want to reply with the same greeting, the pronunciation is roughly "hurry bowl", and it essentially means "praise God".

It's very important to keep in touch with Krishna Kripa, since he relies on the temple's facilities to cook for veggie club, and those facilities may become unavailable on short notice for special events, etc. It's also a good idea for someone among the veggie club officers to have some familiarity with the major Hare Krishna festivals, since the temple's facilities won't be available for Krishna Kripa on those days.

Also, it's important to remind Krisha Kripa about college location changes. He doesn't have e-mail, and he's not on campus, so he doesn't see the fliers. So, unless someone confirms the change of location with him on the day of the dinner, he's likely not to remember or even find out about it.