College reps

The Guide - This is the main document for college reps

The college reps should become familiar with the guide, and they should read it before it's their college's turn to cut vegetables. The Hare Krishnas have very strict food preparation rules, and they also have different customs, and this guide serves to codify what is acceptable behavior. For example, there are strict rules about not eating food while it's being prepared, and these must be observed at the temple, or the food has to be thrown out.

It's the responsibility of the officers to make sure that the college reps are doing their jobs. Most people volunteering for college rep will do a fine job, but occasionally, we do get a slacker or two, and it's important to determine this as far ahead as possible. Sometimes, college reps leave us with no choice but to replace them, and unfortunately, it's something that has to be done. Since the college reps are the focus for veggie cutting coordination, if they don't do their jobs, the vegetables don't get cut, and that's a disaster for veggie club.

Having the mailing list split by college prevents a total failure in case the rep fails to do his/her job, but it's important to have a person at the college in charge of lining up veggie cutters, etc. Many years ago, there was no college system for veggie club, and life was hell on the officers, since they were the veggie cutters every week.