RVC College Rep guide

Distribution: Officers and college reps of Rice Vegetarian Club

In September 1995, Rice Vegetarian Club reorganized its vegetable cutting and food preparation scheme along the lines of Rice Recycling, by introducing one or two college reps at each of the undergraduate colleges. Each college will have a turn at vegetable cutting, once every 4-8 weeks. Furthermore, each rep is responsible for RVC publicity at his or her college. In a specific college's week, the college rep(s) for that college will be expected to gather up 4 or 5 volunteer vegetable cutters. Guidelines for cutting vegetables and for getting cutters are discussed below.

College Rep duties

Getting Vegetable cutters

Guidelines for Vegetable Cutters

College reps are expected to inform their cutters about the following issues:

Vegetable Cutting rules

The RVC program follows far stricter rules of cleanliness and hygiene than are usually required for food preparation. The college rep is expected to be familiar with these rules, and should convey them to the cutters. The kitchen manager (usually an officer) will also know these rules. Someone with experience will always be there, and they will show you where the bowls, knives, food processors, cutting boards, etc. come from and go back, as well as the buckets, brooms, mops, etc.

Guidelines for the President

The president is responsible for selecting the college reps. College reps do not have to be vegetarians, but they do have to be serious about RVC. Ideally, college repping should be a good training ground for future officers, so freshmen and sophomores are the best choices. If a college rep doesn't perform the needed duties, that person can and should be replaced.

The president must also make up the college rep schedule. This should be made at the beginning of the semester. The president also must contact the appropriate college rep each week -- do NOT settle for answering machines or roommates!

Ideally, there should be 2 reps at each college, but this will probably never happen at any college other than Jones! The president should also maintain a "backup-list" in case a college rep has difficulties getting cutters; the backup-list should include people who would be willing to cut vegetables on short notice.

Guidelines for Publicity Reps

Publicity reps should make fliers available to the college reps at the dinner before the week(s) advertised in the fliers, and should let all the college reps know when the fliers are ready. As much as possible, the publicity rep (or a delegate) should actually put the fliers in each rep's mailbox.

Guidelines for all officers

All officers should be ready to be kitchen managers. A kitchen manager should know how to use the blenders and other machines in the kitchen, as well as the locations of all cutting boards, knives, buckets, brooms, mops, etc.