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"I feel my heart break to see a nation ripped apart by it's own greatest strength -- it's diversity"

-- Melissa Etheridge

In-house activities include individualized counseling, as needed, as well as facilitating student concerns or complaints, such as those of a racial or affirmative action nature. Individual student complaints are handled on a case-by-case basis, and more often than not, problems are dealt with internally, though some referral is also provided. Financial Assistance is also available on a strictly limited basis to those individuals who find themselves without resources once they have matriculated. The Minority Affairs Scholarship Fund is utilized to buy books and supplies for Rice undergraduates on financial assistance who find that they are unable to do so.

OMA maintains a reference and resource library. The reference library includes a variety of books on cultures, guide books on multiculturalism, and educational videos.

Tutorial assistance is available as a supplement to that available from Academic Advising. To a limited extent, card files are maintained on those students interested in and able to tutor. The particulars of each tutorial session are left up to the individual students. When payment is necessary, OMA pays (mostly graduate students) for the tutorial services. Minority organization support continues to be a mainstay of the office, be it assistance with group finances, programming, copying, facilities, equipment, etc. All minority student organizations may use the OMA copier and the office account at Copy Club free of charge (to the organization, that is). They may also freely use the office computers, phone, and fax machine. OMA will also continue to assist these groups, when feasible, in attending important minority student conferences. (For more information on cultural student organizations, see our cultural student web page.)

OMA also provides a variety of special programs of social and/or educational benefit as deemed necessary or by request. Such events have included, as examples: co-hosting an Afrocentric poetry performance, leading gender issues discussions in the residential colleges, hosting receptions for new minority students, facilitating dialogues on diversity, working with the Rice University Campus Police to select new officers, sponsoring an annual Latin Jazz Concert, and teaching a college course.


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