Rice University Campus Observatory

Telescope: 16" f/10 Meade LX200-GPS
Mount: Paramount ME

Imaging CCD: SBIG 16803; 4096x4096; 9-micron square pixels
Internal Guide CCD: KAI 340S; 640x480; 7.4um pixels
Filter Wheel: FW7-SX; Baader filters L (400nm-690nm), B (390nm-505nm), G (495nm-575nm), R (590nm-695nm), [O III] 5007+4959 (85A), H-alpha (70A), [S II] 6720 (80A)
External Guide CCD: Identical to the internal guide CCD but moveable and in front of the filter
AO Tip-Tilt System: SBIG AO-X Adaptive Optics

Spectrograph: Lhires III Shelyak
Littrow design
Slit Viewer: ZWO ASI 174 Mini CMOS 12-bit, 5.85 micron square pixels, 1936x1216
Spectrograph Detector: Atik 460 EX CCD, 4.54 micron square pixels, 2749x2199, 5e- read noise, 77% QE
Slits: 15, 19, 23, 35, 50, 75, 100 microns; 19.7 microns = 1.0"; usable slit length ~ 5 arcminutes
     2400 l/mm grating
0.072 A/pxl; range 198A, R=17000, FWHM=4.9 pixels 4000A-7200A, 0.30"/pixel
     300 l/mm grating
0.57 A/pxl; range 1600A, R=2000, 4000A-7200A, 0.30"/pixel

Retired spectrograph:SBIG SGS
With ST7:
100um slit (72um from tilt) 4.3 A/pxl, R=750, range=3200A
25um slit (18um from tilt) 1.1 A/pxl, R=2700, range 750A
With ST9:
100um slit (72um from tilt) 9.5 A/pxl, R=600, range=3200A
25um slit (18um from tilt) 2.4 A/pxl, R=2500, range 750A
Detector CCD: SBIG ST-7XE; 765x510; 9um square pixels; KAF0401E
SBIG ST-9; 512x512; 20um square pixels; KAF0261E
Tracking CCD: TC211; 192x164; 13.8umx16um pixels;

Guides Guides and Troubleshooting
PDF Manual LX200GPS Start up checklist [OBSOLETE!]

Software Manuals Software Manuals
PDF Manual TheSkyPro Version X
PDF Manual TPoint (Paramount + SkyX)
PDF Manual CCDOps Version 5.35NT

Hardware Hardware Manuals
PDF Manual SBIG 16803 CCD Manual
PDF Manual STX-Guider Manual
PDF Manual FW7-STX Filter Wheel Manual
PDF Manual AO-X Adaptive Optics Manual
PDF Manual Self-Guided Spectrograph Manual
PDF Manual SBIG ST-7XE CCD Manual
PDF Manual 10 inch Meade LX200 and 16" MeadeLX200GPS Manual [OPTICS ONLY for 16" - our mount and control software are different!]
PDF Manual Celestron-Advanced GT Manual
PDF Manual Celestron-8 Manual
PDF Manual Coronado SolarMax 2 Manual
PDF Manual ETX Telescope Manual
PDF Manual SBIG ST-9E CCD Manual [Retired from service]