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Insanity Center of Rice University

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Recent Letters to the MOB:

Dr. Camacho -- 9/11 email to Dr C
"...there is no doubt in my mind that the University of Michigan fans will be talking about the MOB for the next ten years"

Mike Wakin -- MOBSHOWS comments
"I can't remember a more thoroughly crowd-pleasing MOB performance..."

Disgruntled Spartan -- 9/10 email to Jonathan
"I am disgusted at the cheap shot your band took at my university..."

Patrick Byrne -- 9/11 email to Erik
"Your performance was by far the most entertaining I've ever seen during a
football game."

Dr. Robert Ambrose -- 9/11 email to Ann
"I would pay money to see them again!"

Jeffry Corbin -- 9/12 email to Jonathan
"...everyone agreed that the MOB easily upstaged the UofM band before, during and after the game." 

Rice Online Sports Forum -- 9/10 "To the Rice Owls from a Wolverine Fan"
"(The MOB) was all the talk after the game while
tailgaiting, everyone loved it!!"

Ted & Dorene Grekowicz -- 9/11 email to Dr C
"We compliment you on the amount of research that you performed to reach our tender spots."

William Terrier -- 9/11 email to Jonathan
"Your show was funny and topical-something few bands even attempt to accomplish."

MMB Alum -- 9/12 email to Jonathan
"In all my travels, I am sure that I have never seen a more entertaining halftime show!"


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