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Recent MOB-Related Press:

10/25/00 Honolulu Radio Interviews: Angry Wahine 1 and Angry Wahine 2.
"It's not right ... to make fun of anybody else.  You suck!"

10/22/00 Honolulu Advertiser -- "Wahine win 18th straight"
"The Rainbow Wahine ... boiled as the Rice band performed a halftime show that mocked UH. 'We got really angry,' UH setter Margaret Vakasausau said."

9/29/00 Rice Thresher -- "Halftime show did not demean women"
" one should take personally anything that we say"

9/23/00 The Daily Oklahoman -- "Rice Band marches to a different tune."
"The MOB makes you think.  It is in the know and in the now."

9/22/00 Rice Thresher -- MOB attacks wrong target at Tulsa game
"...the most lame, sexist joke I have heard in a while, involving dumb blondes, strippers and nuns."

9/10/00 Rice Football Newsletter -- "MOB up to Old Tricks in Ann Arbor"
"...obtaining a solid grade "A"" rating, by traditional Rice-band standards, for the first time in recent memory..."


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