These are neologisms collected by an undergraduate linguistics class at Rice University during the fall of 2003.

N [Top]

context and source: 'The other candidate for mayor in San Francisco is a Naderite' ? as seen on on December 2, 2003
apparent meaning: A person who has followed Ralph Nader and joined the Green Party
type of word formation: Affixation
dictionary entry: Naderite ? n. a member of the Green Party ('Naderites were blamed for taking some votes away from Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.') [affixation; formed from 'Nader' + '-ite']

context and source: Word to describe someone's political leanings in the Sept. 9, 2003 New York Times
apparent meaning: A modern type of conservative
type of word formation: Clipping of conservative
dictionary entry: Neocon, n. A person with modern, conservative views (I vote against all neocons.) [clipping, formed from 'neo' + 'conservative']

context and source: 'Getting an F on this assignment would be so n.c.' Conversation; 11/10/03
apparent meaning: This term stands for 'not cool' and was coined to shorten this phrase.
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry: N.c. adj. Not cool. [acronym of 'not cool']

context and source: 'And then you just negatize those two.' Statement by J. G., overheard in a conversation between suitemates on 10-30-03.
apparent meaning: TO switch a number's sign
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Negatize, n. To make a positive number negative. ('When the sign on her answer for calculus homework came out wrong, she tended to just negatize where necessary without further ado.') [new derivation, formed from 'negate' (possibly + '-ive') + '-ize']

context and source: "This little nerdoid has some studying to do......' B. F.'s AIM away message, 11-1-03.
apparent meaning: A nerdy person
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Nerdoid, n. nerd ('This little nerdoid has some studying to do.') [New derivation formed from 'nerd' + '-oid']

context and source: "That place is filled with neomaxizoomdweebies." High school student Jun 2003.
apparent meaning: Someone who is smart hard working and generally tries hard to be a good person. It also appears to be somewhat derogatory.
type of word formation: Affixation, Blend, Unknown
dictionary entry: Neomaxizoomdweebie n. derogatory term for intelligent hard working people [affixation neo new + maxi maximum +zoom to move about rapidly + dweeb a smart person who is not in the popular crowd + ie a filler originally from The Breakfast Club.]

context and source: 'I was about to netmeet my family.' (In a conversation with my friend on 9/23/2003)
apparent meaning: An internet meeting
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Netmeet, v. to meet somebody through the internet

context and source: 'A lot of these newbs are becoming n00bs, claiming they read all the rules when they violate many of them in nearly every post of theirs.' (read on online forum 11/26/03)
apparent meaning: In this context, a newb is someone new to the forum. It has a positive connotation.
type of word formation: Clipping of newbie
dictionary entry: Newb n. a newcomer, particularly to an online forum ('newbs are becoming n00bs') [new clipping; formed from 'newbie']

context and source: 'I hate newbies who try to ruin the game.' (conversation with suitemate, week of 11/24, 2003)
apparent meaning: A person who is new to a video game usually, who doesn't know how to act properly
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Newbie, n. a person new to a technological genre, often acting in a childish manner ('the newbies are playing unfairly') [new zero derivation; arising from 'new' + 'bie']

context and source: "Newton the complex number until it is less than the tolerance" Computational and applied MATH 221 professor Sept 2003
apparent meaning: To take a Newton iteration step
type of word formation: Clipping
dictionary entry: Newton v. to take iterations of Newton's method [zero derived: Newton from clipping: Newton iteration]

context and source: 'Just as everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was assassinated, now everyone recalls the same for nine-eleven.' Television program; 11/21/03.
apparent meaning: This term refers to the events of September 11, 2001. Because the World Trade Center had been bombed before, the happenings on that date could not be called the 'World Trade Center bombing.' Therefore, the events were referred to by their date, 'September 11th.' This was further clipped to nine-eleven, the spoken form of 9/11 in print. This term was coined to name the tragedy which occurred on September 11th.
type of word formation: Compound of September and eleventh, acronymical representation of September using nine, clipping of eleventh to eleven
dictionary entry: Nine-eleven (alternate spelling 9/11) [compound nine + eleven] Noun. The events of September 11, 2001.

Ninja Skills
context and source: 'Man that acrobat has crazy ninja skills.' (conversation with roommate, week of 11/17, 2003)
apparent meaning: High-level skills that are almost super-natural, not necessarily in fighting
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Ninja skills, n. high-level skills that border on super-natural yet that don't necessarily pertain to fighting or ninjas ('My roommate has ninja skills when it comes to the computer') [new compund; arising from 'ninja' + 'skills']

context and source: 'Disturbing questions? about the aesthetic niveau of the culture industry's emissions are repressed?' ? Theodor W. Adorno, 'The Culture Industry Reconsidered.'
apparent meaning: Quality, Status
type of word formation: Borrowing, from French or German niveau 'level'

context and source: "Hey, you goin to NOD or what?" (conversation with suitemate, 10/25/03)
apparent meaning: Refers to a party held at Rice University
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry: N.O.D., n. the name of a party held annually in Weiss College, Rice University. This new meaning of the word is formed by acronyms 'Night Of Decadence)

context and source: 'Alot of these newbs are becoming n00bs, claiming they read all the rules when they violate many of them in nearly every post of theirs.' (read on online forum 11/26/03)
apparent meaning: A newcomer who is annoying and gets on people's nerves. Someone who is not liked.
type of word formation: Clipping and Orthography Change
dictionary entry: n00b n. an annoying newcomer to a forum that disobeys rules ('newbs are becoming n00bs') [new clipping; formed from 'newbie']

Nut Up
context and source: : 'C'mon, nut up and go ask them for the next game!' (at lunch a friend telling me to be brave and go claim the ping-pong table next 10/10/03)
apparent meaning: To have courage, be brave
type of word formation: Blend, 'Grow some nuts' and 'Buck Up'
dictionary entry: Nut up, v. To be courageous and brave, to venture towards new and scary realms ('nut up already, it's game time') [A blend of 'grow some nuts' and 'buck up]

O [Top]

context and source: Heard frequently in a sporting context, as I heard on Baseball Tonight this summer. 'Ending his 30-game hitting streak, Albert Puhols went ofer on the day, with two strikeouts, a groundout and a popout.'
apparent meaning: To not be successful in a series of attempts at a task
type of word formation: Blending and clipping
dictionary entry: Ofer – v. to come up empty or be completely unsuccessful in a series of attempts at a task. ('The lowly Washington Generals were ofer against the Harlem Globetrotters for many years until finally winning a game recently.') [blending and clipping; formed from 'zero' + 'for']

context and source: 'White Sox fans have suffered longer than Red Sox fans without winning a world series. But Red Sox fans -- who think of themselves aggrandizingly as a Nation, not a family -- have suffered more grotesquely. This is a critical distinction in their game of one-downsmanship.' Sports Illustrated article on p. 54 of October 27, 2003 issue.
apparent meaning: To try to outdo someone else in a negative way
type of word formation: New derivation
dictionary entry: One-downsmanship – n. the practice of out-doing another in a more negative manner or performing less well than another. ('the two underperforming students seemed to be having a competition of one-downsmanship') [new derivation; formed from 'one' + 'down' + 'man' + 'ship']

context and source: 'They shouldn't onside it now, they should wait until they score again.' -overheard at Rice football game, 11/15
apparent meaning: A verb used in football that means to kick the ball off in such a way that the kicker's team may recover the ball.
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Onside, v. In football, to kick the ball only a short distance on a kickoff in order to allow the kicking team an opportunity to recover the ball (to onside kick).

context and source: : 'The married woman who tested the machine, dubbed an orgasmatron, had not had an orgasm for four years. But during the nine days she used it, she had several.' (,0,4804792.story?coll=sfla-news-fringe 12/03/03)
apparent meaning: From the context of the article, an orgasmatron is the newly developed medical electronic device that gives instantaneous orgasms upon insertion of electrons under one's spine and under the skin.
type of word formation: Blend, orgasm and cyclotron
dictionary entry: Orgasmatron, n. An electronic machine that gives real orgasms through electrodes stimulating specific nerves in the spine and subcutaneously [A blend, formed from 'orgasm' and the suffix '-tron', implying a machine]

context and source: 'We were simply out enthusiasmed.' (Sports radio 610 AM, 10/11/03)
apparent meaning: Indication of a loss or poor performance. The new word has taken the noun 'enthusiasm' and added '-ed' to form a verb
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Out-enthusiasmed, v. Losing due to an inferior display of passion, spirit, and drive to win a competition.

context and source: 'At times, in fact, you feel like you're watching cookie-cutter action sequences with overcooked buddy-movie dialogue.' (, 11/05/03)
apparent meaning: Overused, corny, cliché
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Overcooked, adj. Overused, corny, cliché. ('the overcooked excuses of an indolent student')

context and source: 'Get ready for O-week 2003' Letter from Brown Master to freshman July 2003
apparent meaning: Rice University orientation week
type of word formation: Clipping
dictionary entry: O-week n. freshman orientation week at Rice University [clipping: orientation week]

context and source: "Oh I totally owned you!!' (Suitemate's victory yell, week of 11/3, 2003)
apparent meaning: To completely dominate over someone in terms of video or computer gameplay
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Own, v. to completely and utterly dominate over someone, especially in a computer game ('Please don't own me this time.') [new zero derivation; arising from 'own']

context and source: 'Oh, wow, you just got dunked in a big barrel of ownage.' – Conversation in Hanszen College, 21 Oct 2003.
apparent meaning: In computer- or video-gaming circles, the verb OWN means to display superiority over someone or something, based on the concept of property holders as powerful figures. The suffix merely makes the verb into an abstract noun (used metaphorically above).
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Ownage, n. Domination or superiority, usu. in a computer game.

P [Top]

context and source: 'Please keep your seatbelts fastened until I give the appropriate p.a." -flight attendant, Houston to Atlanta, 11/26
apparent meaning: A message delivered over a loudspeaker system.
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry: P.A., n. A 'public address'; an informative message delivered over a loudspeaker system. [Acronym of Public Address)

context and source: 'When he tried to make the lay-up, he got packed.' Conversation at the gym – 11/06/03
apparent meaning: Act of having a shot blocked while playing basketball.

context and source: 'How ya doin' padna' (Greeting used by a group of my friends)
apparent meaning: : This appears to be a word to refer to someone as a friend, boy(girl)friend, or buddy. The word was derived from the existing word 'partner', meaning 'someone who is associated with another person'.
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Padna, n. A friend, classmate, significant other, or some other person with whom one has a unique relationship.

context and source: 'Think of all the pastabilities'. (Black-eyed Pea chalk-board menu, 11/1/03)
apparent meaning: Having a variety of pasta dishes to choose from for a meal. The unit pasta is used in its entirety and blended with the ending of the word possibility. The substitution for the first part of the word is also interesting because the only difference in sound seems to be the addition of 't'.
type of word formation: Blend, pasta and possibility
dictionary entry: Pastability, n. That state of choosing any variety or combination of pasta dishes for a meal.

context and source: 'I'm gonna peace.' (A farewell from M. d'S., 9-30-03).
apparent meaning: To make one's exit
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Peace, v. to make one's exit from a social situation ('I'll have to peace in a few.') [New word by zero derivation from noun 'peace']

context and source: 'Come chat with your peops, eat good food and listen to good music.' From an e-mail from A. S., 10-30-03.
apparent meaning: People, friends
type of word formation: Clipping/Back Formation
dictionary entry: Peops, n. People, especially friends. ('I'm meeting some peops at the movies in a few.') [new formation by clipping and back formation of 'people']

context and source: 'There were some really perty broads at my old high school." Suitemate Mark Mendenhall
apparent meaning: Pretty
type of word formation: Folk Etymology
dictionary entry: Perty, adj. Pretty or attractive

context and source: 'Life is pfun in Pflugerville!' (billboard 24 Oct 2003)
apparent meaning: Fun
type of word formation: New alliterative spelling
dictionary entry: Pfun, adj. fun, pleasant ('life is pfun in Pflugerville') [new alliterative spelling (alliterative with 'Pflugerville')]

context and source: 'That blond chick from the soccer team is so phat.' – Suitemate Josh Forester
apparent meaning: Attractive
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry: Phat, adj Acronym for Pretty Hot And Tempting. Used to describe someone who is attractive or something that is popular at the time.

context and source: "Users are directed towards the Web site by a 'phisher' e-mail." (read in online article 9/30/03)
apparent meaning: Fake email that looks like it came from a current legitimate company, used to draw people to a site that looks legitimate and steal their personal information. The scammers are looking for the person to take the 'bait.'
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Phisher n. official looking online document used to trick people into giving personal information. ('phisher email') [new derivation; formed from 'fish' + '-er']

context and source: 'I got an email from a fraud the other day phishing for my credit card number.'
apparent meaning: A rapidly spreading internet scam where scam artists send spam emails disguised as collectors from big companies asking for billing information so that someone's credit can be used.
type of word formation: Suffix ph- + fishing
dictionary entry: Phishing: (N, V) A rapidly spreading internet scam where scam artists send spam emails disguised as collectors from big companies asking for billing information so that someone's credit can be used.

context and source: 'I started going through the phonicon with Chloe in July,' Searching for Aboriginal Languages, Robert Dixon, p.148.
apparent meaning: A list of all the possible combinations of sounds in a particular language that could, according to that language's phonology, be meaningful words.
type of word formation: Blend, phonetics and lexicon
dictionary entry: Phonicon, n. A collection of all possible combinations of sounds of a language that could, according to that language's phonology, be meaningful words. [new word formation by blending from 'phonetics' x 'lexicon'.]

context and source: 'I was the top photog my senior year. I got to take all the fun pictures!' (Alison Zientara, October 25, 2003).
apparent meaning: A photographer, one who takes pictures as part of a group of photographers that form a group.
type of word formation: Clipping
dictionary entry: Photog n. A person adept at taking photographs, usually for a hobby or club.

context and source: 'Man, Brad Pitt is so pimp in this movie. I mean, look at that suit!' (Grant Chen, November 7th, 2003)
After an exam, my best friend and I either state that we pimped an exam or that it sucked.
apparent meaning: Someone or something with especially flamboyant style. To do very well at something
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Pimp Adj. Consisting of a favorable appearance or a flamboyant style. [Zero derivation of noun to adjective]
pimp - v., n. - to excel in a particular field or someone who excels in a particular field. I thought that test was going to be hard, but I totally pimped it.

context and source: 'I started calling him PITA because he would do things to annoy me pretty often' (a friend talking of a guy she knows and their interactions 11/30)
apparent meaning: PITA stands for 'pain in the ass'
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry: PITA, n. Pain In The Ass ('stop being such a PITA') [an acronym]

context and source: The University of Iowa had nicknamed the president pizzle in order to make student/administrator interactions more fun. They changed the name when students said it referred to a bull's sex organs. (Omaha World Herald, Nov. 17, 2003)
apparent meaning: A bull's sex organs
type of word formation: Unknown
dictionary entry: Pizzle, n. A bull's sex organs (Man, that animal has a large pizzle.) [slang, formation unknown]

context and source: 'I will have a new plasma in my new house.' (In a conversation with my friend on 11/20/2003)
apparent meaning: As the new kind of television is produced by making use a collection of charged particles (i.e. plasma), the television itself becomes known as a plasma TV or simply a plasma. This is an example of synecdoche in which the name of a part is used to refer to the entire object.
type of word formation: Clipping
dictionary entry: Plasma, n. a new kind of television which is very thin and has a big screen.

Play Fantasy
context and source: 'We play fantasy' (Magazine College Football Preview, August 2003 issue)
apparent meaning: To participate in a game modeled for fun and imagination. Expresses possession of a 'fantasy' or made-up team in the form of a verb. Refers to a sports team.
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Play fantasy, v. To participate in a fantasy football league with a chosen team make up

context and source: 'Send me your music playlist; I want to get some of the songs you listen to.' (heard new word circa 1997)
apparent meaning: An arrangement of music titles one owns on a digital music player/computer
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Playlist, n. an arrangement of songs one owns, to be played on a digital music player ('your playlist has a lot of jazz songs') [new compound; formed from 'play' X 'list']

context and source: 'There are new social implications to sharing music; playlistism can occur.' (,2125,61177,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2, week of 11/6, 2003)
apparent meaning: Discrimination based upon ones music library or 'terrible taste in music'
type of word formation: Derivation of a compound
dictionary entry: Playlistism, n. discrimination not based on age, sex, or race but on a person's taste in music ('sharing music causes playlistism') [new derivation of a compund; formed from 'playlist' + '-ism']

context and source: 'This is not Charles, I just commandeered his pooter and had my way with it.' (e-mail from V. O., 10-5-03.)
apparent meaning: Same as computer, synonym.
type of word formation: Clipping, with pronunciation and orthography change
dictionary entry: Pooter, n. computer ('If that pooter crashes again I will personally make sure that it never needs to be rebooted again.') [new word formation by clipping; formed from 'computer.']

context and source: "It smells like popcorn. Or, as we usually say, popcrack.' (E., Sid Rich freshman. 10-18-03.)
apparent meaning: Popcorn
type of word formation: Blend, popcorn and crack
dictionary entry: Popcrack, n. popcorn. ('I'm sorry, but you have something I need. Hand over the popcrack.') [New word formation by compounding; formed from 'popcorn' x 'crack'.]

Pop Rock
context and source: I use this term to describe a new genre of music that has been emerging for the past few years and has now firmly established itself.
apparent meaning: Mainstream rock, usually not as hardcore as classic rock
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Pop rock - n. - type of music characterized by being less abrasive than heavy metal or classic rock and more popular in the mainstream. This pop rock revolution has made bands like Good Charlotte and Puddle of Mudd very successful.

context and source: 'In the basketball game, he got posterized.' Conversation – 11/16/03
apparent meaning: Making the opponent look very poor
type of word formation: Derivation (Affixation)
dictionary entry: Posterized, v. -making an incredible play against a defender who is captured on a metaphorical poster.

context and source: "Pre-zactly, that's just what I was thinking.' Online conversation with friend 11/03.
apparent meaning: It can be used to describe an action, or can be used as an interjection in speech, the same way some people might interrupt and say 'right. (blah blah blah)'. So the thing you are talking about can be precise, and exact, two very close synonyms. They work in conjunction with each other to enhance the meaning of your point.
type of word formation: Cross/blend of two adverbs: precisely + exactly = pre-zactly.
dictionary entry: Pre-zactly, interj., adv. In a precise, exact matter, or exclamation for a precise, exact occasion. [precise + exact]

context and source: Seen in a product review for a computer photo product in Sept. 2003 PC Magazine
apparent meaning: A consumer shopping for items for professional, not personal, use
type of word formation: Blend, professional and consumer
dictionary entry: Prosumer, n. Someone shopping for professional needs. (Prosumers do the shopping for companies.) [new blend, formed from professional + consumer]

context and source: 'Look at that girl! I've never seen anyone so provacawhoritively dressed! (Ashley Salassi, November 8, 2003)
apparent meaning: Immodest and improper
type of word formation: Blend, provacative and whore
dictionary entry: Provacawhoritive adj. Extremely immodest behavior, dress, or language. [A combination of provocative and whore]

context and source: Discussed in a Nov. 28, 2003 Houston Chronicle article: 'To experts in the young medical field called psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI, it is no surprise that many people get sick or experience flare-ups of chronic illnesses while struggling to cope with the stress-inducing demands of the holiday season.'
apparent meaning: Study of how the nervous system, immune system and emotions interact
type of word formation: Compounding
dictionary entry: Psychoneuroimmunology, n. Study of how the nervous system, immune system and emotions interact (Psychoneuroimmunology has been studying how people are affected by the holidays.) [compound word, formed from 'psycho' + 'neuro' + 'immuno' + '-ology']

context and source: : 'You've just been punked!' (Ashton Kutcher, host of Punked, MTV, October 5th, 2003)
apparent meaning: To play a practical joke on someone, to fool a person
type of word formation: Metonymy
dictionary entry: Punk v. To prank, fool, play a practical joke that usually results in some form of humiliation. [Metonymic formation from the original neologism 'punk']

Q [Top]

context and source: Online conversation with friend, 11/03. 'This morning I felt a bit of queasishness, but that could have been hangover or illness…'
apparent meaning: Embodies the feeling of being queasy or sick to one's stomach.
type of word formation: 'Queasy' (feeling nauseous), the root of 'queasishness' was first modified into the adjective 'queasish' and the noun-forming –ness was added.
dictionary entry: Queasishness, n. The feeling of being sick to one's stomach. [queasy + -ish (adj) + -ness (v)]

context and source: So far most of our intelligentsia have been more eager to explain what this war is not than what it is. Yet the conflict is not a hash-it-out in the faculty lounge, nor a brainstorm over a headline in the newsroom, nor flashy quippmanship in a political debate. – from a NationalReviewOnline editorial by Victor Davis Hanson on November 7, 2003
apparent meaning: The ability to produce a catchy soundbyte, witty remark, or clever turn of phrase
type of word formation: Affixation
dictionary entry: Quippmanship – n. the art, skill, or ability to create a catchy soundbyte, witty remark, or clever turn of phrase. ('In the recent Democratic presidential debates, the candidates in a nasty battle of quippmanship.') [affixation; formed from 'quip' + 'manship']

R [Top]

context and source: 'I'm an easy mac pro. you? or are you a RaWoman?' L. A. S., IM conversation, 11-21-03
apparent meaning: A woman skilled in the arts of cooking Ramen noodles
type of word formation: Blend, ramen and woman
dictionary entry: RaWoman, n. A woman who knows her Ramen and cooks it up right. ('The RaWoman shunned cafeteria food and ate for thirty cents a day ? Ramen morning, noon, and night.') [New formation by blending, from 'Ramen' x 'woman']

context and source: 'He said he was going to be registraring for a few minutes, then he'd get ready for rugby practice.' ? Conversation in Hanszen College, 16 Nov 2003.
apparent meaning: To fill out and submit forms to the Office of the Registrar.
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Registrar, v. To fill out and submit forms to the Office of the Registrar.

context and source: '[The technical thug] writes a suite of scripts to monitor processes, maintain a database of CPU usage, identify processes more than a standard deviation over the norm, and renice offending processes.' ? 'Know Your Sysadmin!' Online at < >. Last updated 01 Dec 1996.
apparent meaning: The command renice arranges various processes on a computer network according to priorities determined by software and hardware settings; when it enters the language as a valid English word, RENICE implies human involvement a little bit more than just the raw computer command.
type of word formation: Borrowing (from computer coding language)
dictionary entry: Renice, v. To prioritize processes on a computing system.

context and source: 'The current Republicrats in office have rammed the prescription drug bill that most people don't want through Congress.' -- seen on in November 2003.
apparent meaning: A Republican member of Congress who tends to frequently support and vote for traditionally Democratic issues, such as the expansion of entitlement programs.
type of word formation: Blend and Clipping
dictionary entry: Republicrat ? n. A Republican Congressman that frequently supports and votes in favor of traditionally Democratic issues. ('House Republicrats recently passed the prescription drug bill to the Senate for deliberation.') [blending and clipping; formed from 'Republican' + 'Democrat']

context and source: 'Those retro-tech toys are still around, but this holiday season also offers plenty of electronic twists on the old traditions.' (read online on 12/01/03)
apparent meaning: Toys whose technology isn't as advanced as it used to be; non-digital or electronic related
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Retro-tech adj. technology of years past ('retro-tech toys') [new compound; formed from 'retro' + 'tech']

Rice Rocket
context and source: 'That Celica is such a rice rocket.' (conversation with friend, week of 11/24, 2003)
apparent meaning: An import car that has had modifications in order to look faster or be faster
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Rice rocket, n. a import car (Asian) that has had modifications to be faster or superficially 'look' faster ('My friend turned his Celica into a rice rocket') [compound; arising from 'rice' + 'rocket']

context and source: 'Wow, that was absolutely ricoculous!' (Overheard during a movie, October 30th, 2003)
apparent meaning: Same meaning as ridiculous, just a new way of saying it
type of word formation: Clipping and Replacement
dictionary entry: Ricoculous Adj. absurd, preposterous; syn ridiculous [Clipping of ridiculous and replacement of 'dic' with 'coc']

context and source: 'Their project was just a ridiculosity ? they had put no work into it!' (A man referring to a presentation done by his colleges 10/25/03)
'My bug bite is ridiculosity.' (conversation with roommate 22 Sep 2003)
apparent meaning: Something that is huge and absurd.
type of word formation: Blend, ridiculous and monstrosity
dictionary entry: Ridiculosity, adj. Something of an outrageous and unreasonable nature ('your life is the epitome of ridiculosity') [Back formation from the adjective 'ridiculous']

context and source: 'The fact that we are going to get more East Coast exposure just means that nationally, we will ripple in more directions and farther.' ?Rice basketball coach, quoted in 11/7 issue of the Thresher.
apparent meaning: Create a name for oneself; cause others to notice
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Ripple, v. To cause others to take notice of your accomplishments; to increase one's reputation through noticeable accomplishments

context and source: 'You would not believe how much money I lose getting rivered like that.' ? Kyle Perkins.
apparent meaning: Beaten
type of word formation: Analogy
dictionary entry: Rivered; v. - getting beaten on last card in a game of No Limit Texas Hold 'em.

context and source: 'Rule 1 that I learned from working in Congresswoman Sanchez's office: staff must never roll her decisions.' (David Scatterday, September 2, 2003)
apparent meaning: To bring down or overrule
type of word formation: Zero derivation
dictionary entry: Roll v. To overrule a superior's authority in an underhanded fashion.

context and source: 'I thought you considered romcoms below you,' T. C.-S. 11-03.
apparent meaning: Romantic comedy
type of word formation: Clipping and rhyme compounding
dictionary entry: Romcom, n. a romantic comedy ('Like any stereotypical middle-aged housewife, she is an admitted romcom enthusiast.') [New formation by clipping and compounding from 'romantic' + 'comedy'.]

context and source: 'I got a new roton in my lab today.'
apparent meaning: A rotating first year graduate student
type of word formation: Clipping and affixation
dictionary entry: Roton, n. A 1st year grad student in the biochemistry department who rotates between labs [clipping: rotating-first-year graduate student + -on Greek neuter noun suffix

context and source: Online at 11/20/03 "Thanks for the total roxority that is googlism" - Greg Pallis
apparent meaning: Something that 'rocks' i.e. is cool, awesome
type of word formation: Mainly a case of affixation, 'roxority' takes the root 'rocks', the youthful expression that describes something as being cool, and n-forming suffix ?ity and sticks them together to form a compound/blend (like 'seniority').
dictionary entry: Roxority, n. The state of being cool, great, wonderful. [rocks + -ity]

context and source: 'My mom bought me new runners for track.' (Emily Black, December 1, 2003)
apparent meaning: Running shoes
type of word formation: Coinage
dictionary entry: Runners n. a pair of shoes especially made and used for running. [Used by naming an object by what it is used for]

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