These are neologisms collected by an undergraduate linguistics class at Rice University during the fall of 2003.

H [Top]

context and source:'You are such a hacker.' (A friend talking to my roommate, week of 9/8, 2003)
apparent meaning:a person who is technologically savvy with computers and computer code; one who learns how to stretch the limits of programmable systems, sometimes maliciously
type of word formation:zero derivation
dictionary entry:hacker, n. a technically savvy person that stretches the limits of computers and spends a lot of time trying to manipulate computer code ('the hackers broke my computer') [new zero derivation; arising from 'hack' + 'er']

context and source:· 'I, like six other advisors at Hanszen, am a halfie.' Declaration by E. M., 8-17-03.
apparent meaning:a person with parents of differing races or ethnicities
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry: halfie, n. An individual who is half one ethnicity or race and half another. ('The self-designated halfie was proud of his Asian and Caucasian roots.') [new derivation; formed from 'half' + 'ie']

context and source:'If he ever crashed my computer, I'd go off on him Halo-style.'
apparent meaning:using excessive force or violence to inflict damage or harm
type of word formation:affixation
dictionary entry:Halo-style ' adj. Performed with gratuitous cartoon violence (as seen in the popular videogame) ('The group of boys destroyed the old computer parts Halo-style') [affixation; formed from 'Halo' + 'style']

context and source:'My palm pilot made medical school handleable.' (in conversation with a friend, 11/12/03)
apparent meaning:manageable, possible to handle
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:Handleable, adj. Describing that which is easy and manageable; won't require great effort or need for help to complete. ('a handleable task') [This derivation formed from very 'handle' and suffix 'able']

hand waving
context and source:'And by a little hand waving, we arrive at the solution.' (CAAM 210 class, week of 11/10, 2003)
apparent meaning:the act of trying to get past a difficult situation or problem by ignoring it
type of word formation:compound
dictionary entry:hand waving, n. the act of getting past a difficult explanation or moment by ignoring it or skipping past it somehow ('and with some hand waving, we say the meaning of life is 42') [compound; arising from 'hand' + 'waving', new usage of older compound']

context and source: 'The hazmat team had to cleanup the chemical spill.' (TV news program, CNN, week of 10/20, 2003)
apparent meaning:just a quick and easy way of saying 'hazardous materials'
type of word formation:blend, clipping
dictionary entry:hazmat, n.adj. the team or describing the team that cleans and or disposes of hazardous and dangerous materials like chemicals ('the hazmat team was quick to arrive on the scene') [blend and clipping; arising from 'hazardous' X 'materials']

context and source:'My lab is at five, so I'd better head.' (Phoebe Light, September 19, 2003)
apparent meaning:to head to, go go
type of word formation:zero derivation
dictionary entry:Head v. To depart, to leave in search of a particular destination.

context and source:'If you walk down Cullen Boulevard after dark, you best be packing heat.' ' Jones College Freshman
apparent meaning:gun
type of word formation:zero derivation
dictionary entry:Heat; N. -a firearm.

context and source:One of my friends is from the West Coast and says 'hella' a lot. 'Hella' implies crude usage of the word 'hell', and I do not like to curse excessively, so I changed it to hecka.
apparent meaning:very
type of word formation:expletive softening (like darn and shoot)
dictionary entry:hecka - adv. - very, extremely, to a high degree. That bicycle trick was hecka cool!

context and source:"That boy over there is such a heinous.'
apparent meaning:Someone or something that is repulsive.
type of word formation:Zero derivation from the adjective form of the word 'heinous.'
dictionary entry:Heinous: (N) Someone or something that is repulsive.

context and source:'The out of season shoes that she was wearing with that out of style skirt was a heinosity.' Or 'I can't believe that nasty guy tried to hit on me at the club; he is such a heinosity.'
apparent meaning:Someone or something that is extremely repulsive or abhorrent.
type of word formation:A blending and clipping of heinous + monstrosity. (heinousmonstrosity)
dictionary entry:Heinosity: (N) Someone or something that is extremely repulsive or abhorrent.

context and source:'Art history is hella hard.' Conversation; 9/14/03.
apparent meaning:This word, when placed before an adjective, works as an intensifier just like the word 'extremely' or 'very.' When 'hella' is left on its own to describe something, as in 'That band is hella,' it means 'cool.' This word was created to be a hip intensifier or another way of putting something in a positive light.
type of word formation:compound and clipping, as hella probably began as 'hell of' changed to 'hellof' and then was clipped to 'hella'
dictionary entry:hella [clipped compound hell + a < of] Adverb. Intensifier. Adjective. Having the connotation of 'cool.'

context and source:'Pub pizza is hella good.' Paul Campbell, Martel College Freshman
apparent meaning:very, extremely
type of word formation:maybe a blend of 'hell' + 'yea'
dictionary entry:Hella; adv. - word used to describe a verb or an adjective meaning 'very' or 'extremely'.

context and source:'Are you gonna haunt the old hellways of SCA'' from an IM conversation, 10-1-03.
apparent meaning:a particularly hellish hallway
type of word formation:blending
dictionary entry:hellway, n. A corridor that invokes fear in an individual ('The ex-convict dreaded treading the prison's all-too-familiar hellways.') [New word by blending; formed from 'hell' x 'hallway']

context and source: 'It's getting hot in herre.' Lyrics from a song by hip-hop artist Nelly
apparent meaning: Means 'here,' but pronounced 'her.' Seems to be the latest and coolest pronunciation of 'here.'
type of word formation:Means 'here,' but pronounced 'her.'
dictionary entry: Herre - here

context and source:'People in India speak more Hinglish than either Hindi or English' (Conversation, 9/20/03)
apparent meaning:a combination of Hindi and English
type of word formation:blending
dictionary entry:hinglish, n. A combination, or blend, of Hindi and English reslting in a language containing words from both Hindi and English (' hinglish is popular') [blending: 'hindi' + 'english' -> hinglish]

context and source: 'He tried to holla at that girl.' Conversation ' 11/02/03
apparent meaning:Probably rooted from cheese, as in 'Say cheese!' while taking pictures, to make people having the appearance of smiling.
type of word formation:Holla is the 'hip' way of saying 'holler.'
dictionary entry:Holla ' act of trying to talk to a girl or to get her phone number. Holla is the 'hip' way of saying 'holler.'

context and source:'Going out to dinner, so holla!' (Jessica Bofshever, November 3rd, 2003)
apparent meaning:To call someone up or get in touch, to return a call, respond via e-mail, etc.
type of word formation:clipping
dictionary entry:Holla v. To talk to someone or telling somebody to 'hit you up later' (get in touch) [Clipping of the word holler]

Hong Kongese
context and source:'So most of my friends were Hong Kongese.' (In a conversation with a friend on 12/1/2003)
apparent meaning:a native or resident of Hong Kong
type of word formation:affixation
dictionary entry:Hong Kongese, n. a native or resident of Hong Kong.

context and source:'I can see you've done many great deeds and your heroness is awakening.' (overheard from a TV program conversation, week of 10/6, 2003)
apparent meaning:very similar to heroism, courageous qualities, conduct, or behavior
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:heroness, n. courageous qualities, conduct, or behavior, with a slightly corny or campy connotation ('super-great heroness') [new derivation; formed from 'hero' + '-ness']

context and source:'hook'em horns'. Heard on a television broadcast of college football (9/15/2003).
apparent meaning:An encouraging cheer for the University of Texas 'longhorns', or athletes. 'Hook' invokes the idea of catching or beating an adversary and 'em' probably refers to 'them', the opponents. There is a reference to the school's mascot, a cow, whose horns are curved and sharp like a hook.
type of word formation:Compound
dictionary entry:hook'em, v. To catch or take down an opponent.

hookup chart
context and source:Several residential colleges often make hookup charts to show which college members have dated, made out with, or randomly slept with each other.
apparent meaning:chart that details the relationships between college members
type of word formation:compounding
dictionary entry:hookup chart - n. - diagram detailing the personal relationships within a residential college at Rice University. Shannon is so gross - she's the center of a huge circle on the hookup chart.

context and source:'That guy has some major hops.' b. Conversation at the gym ' 11/06/03
apparent meaning:ability to jump high
type of word formation: [none given]
dictionary entry:Hops ' ability to jump high.

Hot spot
context and source:'Visit to find a McDonald's hot spot near you.' (advertisement in Time 29 Oct 2003)
apparent meaning:location with wireless internet access available Composed of: 'hot' (popular; very good; radioactive) + 'spot' (location in space)
type of word formation:rhyming compound of 'hot' + 'spot'
dictionary entry:Hot spot, n. location with wireless internet access available ('where's the closest hot spot'') [rhyming compound of 'hot' + 'spot']

Hucka hucka
context and source:'Did you hear what happened last night' hucka hucka.' (instant messenger conversation with University of Texas sophomore 8 Sep 2003)
apparent meaning:indication of laughter or amusement
type of word formation:sound symbolism for laughter
dictionary entry:Hucka hucka, interj. indication of laughter or amusement, esp. in instant messenger conversations ('did you hear what happened' hucka hucka') [sound symbolism for laughter]

context and source:My roommate was just starving and the peak of her whinage occurred when she stated that she has spent the last two hours in pure hungryness.
apparent meaning:state of being hungry
type of word formation:affixation
dictionary entry:hungryness - n. - state of being hungry beyond hunger, a condition worse than hunger but not as extreme as starvation. The servery really needs to open because I don't know if I can stand any more hungryness.

context and source:'That was a hum-dinger of a question' (Student comment in class, 12/2/03)
apparent meaning:Something that is difficult or abstract in content. The lengthy duration of pronouncing 'hum' suggests that it is something that requires a considerable amount of thought.
type of word formation:Compound (V-N)
dictionary entry:hum-dinger, n. Something that is complex and novel to the mind.

context and source:"good luck.' 'thanks you too hun,' IM conversation, 10-19-03
apparent meaning:'honey,' 'sweetie'
type of word formation:clipping
dictionary entry:hun, n. honey, sweetie. ('Talk to you later, hun.') [New word formation by clipping from 'honey.']

context and source: '"Let's hypotenize across here, I'm in a hurry." -Conversation while walking with friends, about 2 months ago.
Apparent meaning: to take a shortcut, i.e. to traverse a 'hypotenuse' of two paths at right angles.
type of word formation: Word Formation: Analogy to other verbs/Affixation
dictionary entry: Hypotenize, v. To take a shortcut by traversing a path consisting of the longest leg of a right triangle. [new derivation, fr. 'hypo' (under) + 'ten' (stretch) + 'ize' (verb suffix)

I [Top]

context and source:'You can't wear a diamond bellybutton ring until you hear a rap song about ice in the belly.' (Kristen Kock, October 16, 2003).
apparent meaning:Diamonds or other shiny jewelry
type of word formation:zero derivation
dictionary entry:Ice n. A piece of shiny jewelry, sometimes fake, used to be showy.

identity theft
context and source:The new MasterCard commercials advertise advanced security features on their credit cards to protect against identity theft.
apparent meaning:the act of stealing someone's belongings and pretending to be them to enjoy what was stolen.
type of word formation:compounding
dictionary entry:identity theft - n. - crime where a person steal not only someone's belongings, but also their identity when trying to use the stolen property. Sandra Bullock has to deal with a serious case of identity theft in The Net.

context and source:'She was wearing I-eat-babies make up.' Martel freshman Nov. 2003
apparent meaning:an excessive amount to the point of being scary
type of word formation:compounding and metaphor
dictionary entry:I-eat-babies adj. Having excesses to the point of invoking fear [compounding: I, eat, and babies]

context and source:'Just like you derivatize something, you can integralize it as well.' Conversation; 10/29/03.
apparent meaning:Similar to derivatize, integralize simply means to integrate a function. While integrate is not as radical a formation as differentiate, it still follows to use the same verb forming suffix as in derivatize. This term was coined to follow the pattern of forming complex technical terms more easily.
type of word formation:back formation, from integral to integrate back to integralize
dictionary entry:dictionary entry: integralize [integral- +ize V] Verb. To integrate a function.

context and source:'The children of the world have no heroic figure to emulate, so the future of mankind continues on its downward spiral into entropy and mass extinction until all that was once great about the human race lies buried in the primordial stew, to which we will most certainly return, thanks to you and your ilch refusal to reach for the stars, and you'll forever be remembered as the sad footnote in the book of life, the wimpy little scumbag who could've breached the chasm of becoming and being but instead opted to cover his own ass - and foot - in the process." ' Kevin Smith, 'The Flying Car'
apparent meaning:This word occurs in the middle of a long rant in which a smart-aleck character is trying to sound very profound, and the more educated words or novel formations he uses, the closer he gets to his goal.
type of word formation: back formation of ZILCH
dictionary entry:ILCH, adj. Total, all-encompassing. Composed of: ILCH

context and source:'Biology is much more interesting than math, imho..' (conversation, 10/02/03)
apparent meaning:In my humble opinion
type of word formation:acronym
dictionary entry:imho Phrase that indicates modesty about one's opinions, acronym for 'in my humble opinion'. ('You shouldn't do it this way, imho') [acronym: in my humble opiinion]

context and source:'I enjoy listening to indipop..' (conversation, 9/30/03)
apparent meaning:popular Indian music
type of word formation:blending
dictionary entry:indipop, adj., n. Popular Indian music ('Indipop is a new genre of music') [blending: 'indian', ADJ. + 'popular' (also shortened to 'pop') ADJ. -> indipop]

context and source:'Can we get some intergenderfication in our rows, please'' ' Rice Philharmonics music director, 4 Nov 2003.
apparent meaning:Once again, a young adult creates the illusion of erudition by using multiple affixes, this time for the sake of humor as much as practicality.
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:INTERGENDERFICATION, n. Mixing of men and women, specifically arranging them in order to prevent gender segregation. Composed of: INTER- + GENDER + -FY + -CAT [-ATE] + -ION

context and source:'Everyone seems to be in favor of Iraqification.' ' Newsweek, 10 Nov 2003.
apparent meaning:This word appears much more commonly that what would appear to be its predecessor, IRAQIFY. The act of Iraqifying, however, follows the same linguistic pattern of suffixation that we use with other -IFY verbs and their related acts: FORTIFY and FORTIFICATION, TRANSMOGRIFY and TRANSMOGRIFICATION, etc.
type of word formation:compound
dictionary entry:IRAQIFICATION, n. The process of controlled supervision of government reconstruction based on the formula used in Iraq. Composed of: IRAQ + -IFI [-IFY] + -CAT [-ATE] + -ION

context and source:'Iraqification ' a losing strategy' (title of an article on the current war in Iraq on MSNBC, 11/11/03)
apparent meaning:Giving power to the Iraqi people
type of word formation:affixation
dictionary entry:iraqification, n Transfer of power to the people of Iraq ('process of iraqification') [derivation: 'iraq' + -'ify' V. + -'cate' V. + -'ion' N.]

context and source:'The Baltimore Orioles had been America's most sensational team in the 19th century, but in the fall of '02 the franchise was Irsayed to New York, becoming the Highlanders (although they would subsequently earn somewhat more renown as the Yankees).' --Sports Illustrated, vol. 99, no. 8, Sept. 1, 2003. p.43.
apparent meaning:: To relocate a sports franchise to another city for monetary gains
type of word formation:metonymy
dictionary entry:Irsay ' v. To relocate a sports franchise from a city for purely monetary reasons, as was done by the late Baltimore Colts owner Bob Irsay (who moved the team to Indianapolis). ('Bud Adams Irsayed the Houston Oilers to Nashville several years ago, where they became the Titans') [metonymy; formed from Irsay, the Baltimore Colts owner's surname]

J [Top]

context and source:"Can I borrow a jackie to walk to the gym'' A. A., 11/21/03
apparent meaning:lightweight hooded zip-up sweatshirt
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:jackie, n. A hooded zip-down sweatshirt suitable for cool fall weather. ('The kids started wearing their jackies to school as the leaves began to turn.') [New derivation from jacket + -ie]

context and source:'Do you want to go to Jesus-time with me this Sunday'' (A college student inviting a friend to Catholic mass 11/16/03)
apparent meaning:Jesus-time is synonymous with 'mass' or 'church', attended by a large number of Rice students on Sundays at 5pm. Because it is a time when you get in touch with, speak of and think about Jesus, etc, the word is somewhat self-explanatory.
type of word formation:from 'Jesus' and 'time', a form of blending and zero derivation at the same time.
dictionary entry:Jesus-time, n. A catholic mass, the building in which mass is held, or the concept of spending time with Jesus in an institution ('jesus-time made me feel so much better last week') [Blend, formed from 'jesus' and 'time']

context and source:'U.S. intelligence officials… suggested that Baathist dead-enders had hired foreign jihadists… to drive the suicide vehicles.' – Newsweek, 10 Nov 2003
apparent meaning:Native English speakers do not typically employ an -I suffix to denote 'participant or adherent of,' so the Arabic suffix was regularized to the English -IST.
type of word formation: regularizasion of JIHADI
dictionary entry:JIHADIST, n. A person engaged in or supporting a jihad. [also used as adj.] Composed of: JIHAD + -IST

context and source:Something to the effect of 'We're going to JIP the President's speech from the Rose Garden' -- Used by Rush Limbaugh on his radio program
apparent meaning:to join an audio broadcast that is in progress
type of word formation:acronym
dictionary entry:JIP – v. to join an audiovisual broadcast already in progress; join in progress. ('On the show, the Pentagon press briefing was JIPped.') [acronym; formed from 'join in progress']

context and source:'I'm going to pick up my john paper' (Statement by a friend, 11/24/03)
apparent meaning:Irritating, annoying, or frustrating in nature. A common word 'john' is used to describe something that the speaker does not like. Perhaps the speaker wishes to equate the value of the thing he or she is describing with crap, hence making use of the word 'john' meaning toilet.
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:john, interj. Irritating, annoying, unpleasing

context and source:'My buddy here has a major jones for Bianca Stratford.' (Ten Things I Hate About You, November 20th, 2003)
apparent meaning:Can be used as a verb (Jonesing) or a noun (a jones). Equiv. "to fancy" "crushing on" "to want."
type of word formation:Metonymy
dictionary entry:Jones n. Describes a state in which one experiences strong desire or attraction, often of a sexual nature. v. To desire or want for oneself. [Metonymic formation from the phrase 'Keeping up with the Jones's']

context and source:'I'm just joshin' with you' (Best friend talking with boyfriend, 11/24/03)
apparent meaning:A verb used to defend or explain a person's intent, such as joking or kidding.
type of word formation:Blend
dictionary entry:joshin', v. To joke with, or fool around with a friend, usu. in coversation

K [Top]

context and source:'Do you know when the kegoff starts'' (conversation with Lovett junior 26 Sep 2003)
apparent meaning:contest in which teams compete to see which can finish a keg of beer in the least amount of time
type of word formation:blend of 'keg' and 'run-off'
dictionary entry:Kegoff, n. Contest in which participants compete in teams to see which can finish a keg of beer in the least amount of time ('the seniors won the kegoff') [blend of 'keg' + 'run-off']

context and source:"That party was kickin'; I had such a good time." said by Sid Rich freshman male, November 2003.
apparent meaning:Something that is awesome, enjoyable, or great.
type of word formation:A clipping of the word 'kicking,' by dropping the 'g.' (Kicking --> kickin')
dictionary entry:Kickin': (ADJ) Something that is awesome, enjoyable, or great.

context and source:a. 'It's time for me to buy some new kicks.' Conversation at the mall ' 11/12/03
apparent meaning:shoes, especially sneakers, tennis shoes.
type of word formation:[none given]
dictionary entry:Kicks ' shoes, especially sneakers, tennis shoes

context and source:'Your new kicks are so much whiter than your old ones'. - Martel Sophomore James Barnes IV
apparent meaning:shoes
type of word formation:zero derivation.
dictionary entry:Kicks; N. -shoes

context and source:: 'So begins the season of deer killage' -- Seen on my friend's, an avid hunter, AIM away message.
apparent meaning:to hunt an animal for sport and/or food
type of word formation:affixation
dictionary entry:killage ' v. the act of hunting and killing an animal for sport and/or food. ('Plenty of deer killage occurred on the hunting trip, with three deer being taken.') [affixation; formed from 'kill' + '-age']

context and source:'If you want KB talk to George; if you want KGB talk to Budik.' Frat boy Aug 2003
apparent meaning:KB stands for kind bud; KGB could mean kind good bud, but generally means marijuana with a high THC content
type of word formation:abbreviation
dictionary entry:KGB, n. marijuana with high THC content [abbr. kind good bud]

L [Top]

context and source:'If you want to find a species wholly new to science and have your name inscribed Latinly in some secular version of an eternal rollbook, then your best bet is to come to the southern Appalachians' and start turning over rocks.' ' Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
apparent meaning:The standard -LY adverb suffix is applied here to make a proper adverb, a very uncommon English construction but one that gets the point across simply.
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:LATINLY, adv. In a manner resembling the Latin language. Composed of: LATIN + -LY

context and source:'You can even get a laughgasm from laughing so hard' (a friend after a long bout of laughter 11/30)
apparent meaning:an orgasm incurred from laughing too much, for too long, or too hard.
type of word formation:blend of 'laughter' and 'orgasm'
dictionary entry:Laughgasm, n. An orgasm from laughing [A blend, derived from 'laughter' and 'orgasm']

context and source:'Just to break things up, allow me to add up the numbers and share my Thirty-One Things I Want To See That Have Little Or Nothing To Do LeBron. Trust us: the LeBron-A-Thon will still be splashed across your TV when we're done' -- from an article by Mark Stein on October 23, 2003
apparent meaning:the saturating sports media coverage of all things LeBron
type of word formation:blending and clipping
dictionary entry:LeBron-a-thon ' n. the saturating sports media coverage of all things having to do with LeBron James's first season in the NBA. ('The LeBron-a-thon continued tonight with a five-minute segment on the design of his new signature shoe.') [blending and clipping; formed from 'Lebron' + 'marathon']

LEET, also in print: 133+
context and source:'I'm a 133+ hax0r ninj4!' Website; 11/16/03.
apparent meaning:133+ has several meanings. As in the example above, it means elite or above others in ability or stature. Otherwise, 133+ refers to the practice of replacing letters with numbers in a kind of internet jargon, which also has some specialized words, like 'hax0r' for hacker. This kind of writing is used primarily by people who are very computer literate, or who play computer games a lot. 133+ was invented by a webcomic author and its use picked up from there. The term was coined to describe an elite group of internet and computer users.
type of word formation:clipping of elite to 'lite,'which came to be phonetically spelled 'leet' and written in leet, became '133+.'
dictionary entry:leet or 133+ [clipping of elite] Adjective. Elite, especially in computer usage. Noun. The practice of replacing letters with numbersand using some unique terminology with this quality.

context and source: 9-2-03 'My dad thinks that my roommate is a light-loafer.' ' Suitemate Mark Mendenhall
apparent meaning:someone who is rather light or small and therefore his loafers do not carry much weight.
type of word formation:compound
dictionary entry:Light-loafer, N. - a person who is rather effeminate or homosexual.

lin al
context and source:'Do you think I should take lin al next semester'' (conversation with a sophomore enquiring about classes)
apparent meaning:linear algebra
type of word formation:clipping
dictionary entry:lin al, n Denotes linear algebra, a field of mathematics ('lin al is interesting') [clipping: (linear -> lin) + (algebra -> al)]

context and source:'Most Ticketmaster locations in the Houston area will be distributing linestubs beginning at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 22.' (, 11/20/03)
apparent meaning:one of many sequentially numbered slips of paper given to those standing in a queue in order to determine or preserve the order of service
type of word formation: compound
dictionary entry:linestub, n. One of many sequentially numbered slips of paper given to those standing in a queue in order to determine or preserve the order of service. ('the distribution of linestubs') [new compound; formed from 'line' + 'stub']

LPAPing or lpap-ing
context and source:'Its almost time to go LPAPing.' 'conversation with roommate, early September
apparent meaning:the action of participating in an LPAP class at Rice
type of word formation:analogy
dictionary entry:LPAPing, v/n The act of participation in a Lifetime Physical Activity Program course at Rice University. [new derivation, fr. 'LPAP' + '-ing']

context and source:"That's a nice way to logisticalize your way out of it.' (N-Y L., 10-29-03)
apparent meaning:rationalize
type of word formation:derivation
dictionary entry:logisticalize, v. to rationalize ('She successfully logisticalized herself out of performing CPR on the dying octogenarian by telling herself that, at his age, he couldn't possibly have anything left to live for.') [new word derivation from logistic + al + ize.]

context and source:'LOL' (Instant messenger, 8/25/00)
apparent meaning:A response to something that is funny or makes you laugh. 'Laugh out loud'.
type of word formation: Acronym
dictionary entry:LOL, n. A state of amusement in response to one's words or actions.

context and source:a. 'Sometimes your house gets lonelified.' Lyrics from song by hip-hop artist Andre 3000, from the group Outcast
apparent meaning:act of being in solitude or lonely
type of word formation:Word combines lonely + -ified
dictionary entry:Lonelified 'act of being in solitude or lonely. Word combines lonely + -ified

M [Top]

context and source: 'It is so maddenating that my History final isn't until the 18th.' (Samantha Cheung, November 28, 2003)
apparent meaning: Frustrating
type of word formation: Blend, maddening and infuriating
dictionary entry: Maddenating. ppl. a. Causing frustration and extreme anger. [It is a combination of maddening and infuriating]

context and source: 'The Christmas decorations at the Galleria during this season are magriffic!' (11/30)
apparent meaning: amazing, terrific, fascinating, and awesome. Carries specific connotations and magnificent (referring to sight) and terrific (referring to the emotional aspect of it).
type of word formation: Blend, magnificent and terrific
dictionary entry: Magriffic, adj. Amazing to behold, as well as providing for an exceptional emotional experience. ('a magriffic reception') [Blend, formed from 'magnificent' and 'terrific']

Make Groceries
context and source: "I'm going to make groceries" (Saying of a New Orleans native, Fall, 2002)
apparent meaning: Making groceries seems to mean collecting and purchasing of food products. There is probably a strong regional influence of the phrase that initially sounds funny to people from a different place. 'Making' could possibly mean 'having', as in 'making love' being equivalent to 'having sex'. 'Having' is the outcome of the act of going to the grocery.
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Make groceries, v. To obtain and purchase products from a grocery store.

context and source: Cable TV program 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'. 2003. Ex: ''Today we will discuss the art of manscaping''
apparent meaning: Artful shaving and trimming of a man's body hair
type of word formation: Blend, man and landscape
dictionary entry: Manscape, v. To artfully shave and trim a man's body hair. [man + landscape]

Martha Stewart
context and source: 'Don't freaking Martha-Stewart me!' (Actress in Sugar & Spice, November 16th, 2003)
apparent meaning: Organize and help clean up an area such as a room or an apartment. to fix it up.
type of word formation: Eponymy
dictionary entry: Martha Stewart v. To perform domestic chores such as cleaning or organizing a house or room in order to improve the aesthetic appearance (of room) and the quality of life (of owner). [Eponymous derivation from celebrity Martha Stewart]

context and source: Rolling Stone magazine 11/13/03. Julian Casablancas of the NY band, The Strokes: 'I'd like to just get to a point where maybe we [the band] can say something that will be matterful. That's definitely not a word, by the way.'
apparent meaning: 'important', 'significant'
type of word formation: I think it is a cross between a compound and a blend. 'Matter' meaning 'stuff', or in its verb form 'to be important, have significance' + -ful meaning 'full of'.

context and source: Friend's response to a question on AOL Instant Messenger (Oct 29, 2003)
apparent meaning: something that is questionable
type of word formation: Blend, maybe and perhaps
dictionary entry: Mayhaps, adv. Maybe, perhaps (Mayhaps I'll be there.) [new blend; formed from 'maybe' + 'perhaps']

context and source: 'I don't want another McJob!' (in conversation with a friend, 11/11/03)
apparent meaning: A low-paying, temporary job that doesn't offer any future. Those with McJobs are possibly seeking other employment, since their position is also not the most prestigious. Low paying and dead-end service industry work
type of word formation: Blend, McDonald's and job, and analogy
dictionary entry: McJob, n. A job that is low-paying, temporary and offers no incentives or benefits. ('I'm tired of this mcjob') [An analogy blend formed from 'McDonald' and 'job']

context and source: 'The houses just to the north of campuses are mostly McMansions' Brown RA Nov. 2003
apparent meaning: An average uninspiring large house. Putting Mc in front of mansion gives the impression that they are mass-produced in the exact same way i.e. every McMansion looks like the next McMansion.
type of word formation: Blend, McDonald's and mansion
dictionary entry: McMansion, n. a mansion that is similar to most other mansions.

context and source: 'The mecha in the new Matrix movie were so awesome!' Conversation; 11/22/03.
apparent meaning: Mecha is a term that describes a range of fantastical machines, especially in Japanese animation. These machines, especially mobile suits, are giant robots built as weapons and are designed to be piloted by one person. Mecha is both the singular and the plural form of the word. The word was coined to describe this kind of robot.
type of word formation: Clipping of mechanical
dictionary entry: Mecha n. 1. A humanoid shaped robot used as a weapon and piloted by one person. 2. Any number of the aforementioned robots, as this is also the plural form. [clipping of mechanical]

context and source: "Hold on let me get the meetsheet, so we can look her up." said by Brown College freshman. Heard Sept. 2003
apparent meaning: A book with the names and pictures of the freshman class at Rice University
type of word formation: Compounding
dictionary entry: Meetsheet n. a book with the names and pictures of the freshman class at Rice University [compound: meet the gain acquaintance +sheet paper]

context and source: 'So what we can say is this: finding mountain ranges isn't terribly hard. But making pictures of extraterrestrial megafauna is.' (, 11/21/03)
apparent meaning: Large or relatively large animals, especially those of a specific region or period
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: megafauna, n. Large or relatively large animals, especially those of a specific region or period. ('the megafauna of the Serengeti') [new compound; formed from 'mega' + 'fauna']

context and source: 'Thanks for helping me, you're the mejorest.' -friend, after I helped her with an assignment
apparent meaning: Another way of saying 'best.'
type of word formation: Borrowing/Analogy
dictionary entry: Mejorest, adj. Informal term for 'best,' from Spanish 'mejor' (better).

context and source: 'as played by Viggo Mortenson with an understated melancholic potency' Delta Sky magazine winter edition
apparent meaning: Being in a somber serious state invokes blend with alcoholic, or at least the 'holic semi-morpheme meaning an addiction.
type of word formation: Melancholy and given the adjectival affix -ic
dictionary entry: Melancholic, adj. Being in a somber serious state [melancholy + -ic adj. Suffix OR blended word: melancholy + alcoholic]

context and source: 'We should merkin that girl' Baker male freshman Oct 2003
apparent meaning: The noun 'merkin' means a female pubic wig, so it seems as if the zero derivation would mean to place the pubic wig on the direct object.
type of word formation: Zero derivation
dictionary entry: Merkin, tr. v. to place a pubic wig on to [zero derivation, merkin, Middle English, Malkin diminutive of Matilda]

context and source: 'My friend isn't gay, but he is kind of metrosexual.' Conversation; 11/4/03.
apparent meaning: Metrosexual is used to describe heterosexual males who spend a lot of time grooming themselves, which is stereotypically a trait of gay males. This also extends to a knowledge of fashion. Basically, a metrosexual guy is exactly like a gay guy, but he is straight. The term was coined to make just this distinction.
type of word formation: Blend, metro and homosexual
dictionary entry: : Metrosexual [blend metropolitan + sexual] Adjective. Describing a heterosexual man who displays the stereotypical traits (fashion sense, well-groomed appearance, etc.) of a gay man.

context and source: 'Are you a Mexican or Mexican't'' (Johnny Depp in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
apparent meaning: A Mexican who does not dare or is not able to do anything.
type of word formation: Blend, Mexican and can't

Michael Jackson
context and source: Joking around with Sid freshmen 11/03. 'You better watch out or I'll Michael Jackson you.'
apparent meaning: To Michael Jackson somebody is to touch or fondle somebody inappropriately in a joking, non-threatening manner.
type of word formation: Zero Derivation
dictionary entry: Michael Jackson, v. To touch or fondle somebody inappropriately in a joking, non-threatening manner. [Michael Jackson, singer, b. 1958]

context and source: 'Depending on the storm's magnetic orientation, it could set off a dramatic display of colorful northern lights well into midlatitudes of the United States and Europe.' (, 10/28/03)
apparent meaning: A region of the earth approximately halfway between the equator and one of the two poles
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: Midlatitude, n. A region of the earth approximately halfway between the equator and one of the two poles. ('the midlatitudes of North America and Europe') [new compound; formed from 'mid-' + 'latitude']

context and source: Overheard in a conversation in which someone was saying that members of the MOB tend to do everything together (early Sept. 2003)
apparent meaning: Someone who spends all of their time with other MOBsters
type of word formation: Blend, MOB and incestuous
dictionary entry: MOBcestious, adj. Spending one's time solely with other MOBsters (Since she joined the MOB, she's become so MOBcestious.) [new blend, formed from 'MOB' + 'incestuous']

context and source: Looking toward the last week of classes, a friend said she was going to have a mondo bad week (Nov. 30, 2003)
apparent meaning: Very large
type of word formation: Unknown
dictionary entry: Mondo, adj. Very large (They got me a mondo cake for my birthday.) [Unknown]

context and source: 'Moonscape, on Earth.' (, 11/21/03)
apparent meaning: A view of or resembling the surface of moon, characterized by rockiness and barrenness
type of word formation: Compound
dictionary entry: moonscape, n. A view of or resembling the surface of the moon, characterized by rockiness and barrenness. ('the moonscapes of certain regions of Idaho') [new compound; formed from 'moon' + 'scape']

context and source: 'Since I was sick, I didn't think it would be a great idea to be stuck in a place where everyone would be moshing.' (KR, November 15th, 2003)
apparent meaning: An activity that involves hitting into people either by jumping into them, usually occurring at a rock concert.
type of word formation: Blend , mash and squash (pronunciation, not letters)
dictionary entry: Mosh v. To repeatedly jump or bounce in many different directions, usually in an excited state. [Blend compound formed from the words mash and squash]

context and source: 'Thank you muchly.' (conversation with suitemate 10/20/03)
apparent meaning: : A great amount of the something. In this case a great amount of thanks. Used instead of very much.
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Muchly adv. a large amount ('thank you muchly') [new derivation; formed from 'much' + 'ly']

Mug Down
context and source: 'He was inappropriate enough to send her a message saying 'Do you wanna come mug down with me' (s story of a girl being hit on by a guy 11/26)
apparent meaning: To mug down means to 'make out' with someone. It is a more vulgar and base way of implying the act of persistent kissing, to some sense debasing it and giving it definitely sexual and animalistic connotations.
type of word formation: Folk etymology
dictionary entry: Mug down, v. To engage in the act of prolonged kissing, to make out ('let's mug down') [folk etymology of yet unknown origin]

context and source: Nov. 24, 2003 Time Magazine article stated: 'PC Doctor, his diagnostic software company based in Emeryville, Calif., was mushrooming with clients like IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Intel.'
apparent meaning: Spreading out
type of word formation: Derivation
dictionary entry: Mushrooming, v Spreading over an area (Her clout within the team was mushrooming.) [derivation, formed from 'mushroom' + '-ing']

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