W.M. Keck Scholars

Lei Jiang, advisor: Han Pu.

Pascal Mickelson, advisor: Tom Killian.

Tobias Paprotta, advisor: Randy Hulet.

William Rice, advisor: Jun Kono.

Chi Zhang, advisor: Rui Du.

Rice University is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of graduate fellowships for W.M. Keck Graduate Scholars. The W.M. Keck Program in Quantum Materials at Rice is an initiative in which tunable models of condensed matter are realized using ultracold atoms in optical lattices, carbon nanotubes, single-molecule transistors, two-dimensional electron gases, or other engineered systems. Experiment and theory students are welcome. Interested students should apply for graduate admission in Physics and Astronomy, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Applied Physics at http://www.applyweb.com/apply/ricegrad/index.html.