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    Postdoctoral Associates:  

Ruiyuan Liu


    Graduate Students:    

Jason Ball



Lingjie Du


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Dr. Rui-Rui Du
Rice University Physics & Astronomy
Brockman Hall Rm. 302
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

>Office Phone: 1-713-348-5780

>Lab Phone/Fax: 1-713-348-5719


Dr. Michael Zudov, Ph. D 1999
Thesis Title:  Millimeterwave Photoconductivity Spectrosopy in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Present position:  Assistant Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota

Dr. Jian Zhang, Ph. D 2004
Thesis Title: Thermopower and Magnetoresistance Studies in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
Present Position: Assistant Research Professor, Department of Physics, University of South Florida

Dr. Changli Yang, Ph. D 2004
Thesis Title: New Quantum Oscillations in Magneto Transport of a High-Mobility Two-Demensional Electron System
Present Position:

Dr. Zhouquan Yuan, Ph. D 2009
Thesis Title: Quantum Transport in Spacially Modulated Two-dimensional Electron and Hole Systems
Present Position:

Dr. Kristjan Stone, Ph. D 2010
Thesis Title: Millimeter Wave Transmission Spectroscopy of 2D Electron and Hole Systems
Present Position:

Dr. Chi Zhang, Ph. D 2010
Thesis Title: Experimental Studies of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and the Wigner Solids
Present Position:

Dr. Yanhua Dai, Ph. D 2011
Thesis Title: Quantum Transport and Microwave Response in Modulated High-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Present Position:

Dr. Ivan Knez, Ph. D 2012
Thesis Title: Transport Properties of Topological Phases in Broken Gap InAs/GaSb Based Quantum Wells
Present Position:

Past Post Docs  

Dr. Changli Yang

Dr. Tauno Knuuttila

    Visiting Professor:    
    Dr. Li Lu, Visiting Professor (Fall Semester 05)
Deputy Director, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Rice Physics & Astronomy
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