Just some of the offered marketing courses...


Marketing Management (MGMT 580)

Introduction to the key concepts underlying the function of marketing and its interaction with other functions in a business enterprise.  Explores marketing's role in defining, creating and communicating value to customers.  Primarily case-based with capstone simulation exercise, providing a foundation for advanced course work in marketing.

Pricing and Distribution (MGMT 682)

Study of the paradigm that success of a product lies not only in its acceptance by the end consumer but also in how it is priced and how it reaches the intended consumer, with emphasis on understanding and analyzing the issues, problems, and opportunities characteristic of the channel relationship and of the various faces of pricing.

Product Management (MGMT 684)

Application of various dimensions of marketing strategy and management to the role of the product manager responsible for all marketing activities of a given product.

Marketing Research (MGMT 686)

The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive look at the marketing research process and the associated data collection techniques that can be used to collect information to better manage the marketing mix.  Qualitative, survey-based, and experimental research designs will be discussed.  

Marketing Strategy (MGMT 687)

Considers key elements of marketing strategy namely, segmentation, targeting, positioning, new product introduction, product line policies, and competition.  Also treats development of strategic marketing plan.  The concepts are discussed through cases, lectures, and a simulation game called MARKSTRAT.  

Buyer Behavior (MGMT 688)

Drawing on established theoretical frameworks of cognitive and social psychology, this course examines three aspects of consumer behavior: (1) individual, social and cultural influences on consumers, (2)  psychological mechanisms of pre- and post-consumption processes such as decision-making and attitude formation and change, and (3) methodological issues in consumer analysis.  Implications for strategy as well as marketing program design, measurement and execution are discussed.  These topics will be studied through discussion of academic articles, cases and projects.

Marketing Models (MGMT 689)

Development and analysis of state-of-the-art marketing models that utilize consumer-level data and statistical software packages (SAS, SPSS, and GAUSS) to uncover the various key marketing measures such as price and advertising elasticities, to study the impact of promotions and advertising on sales to analyze the diffusion of new products such as answering machines and cellular phones, and to do segmentation and market structure analysis.

Internet Marketing (MGMT 692)

This course examines the opportunities and challenges of marketing on the Internet, focusing on three distinct areas; strategy, communications and consumers.  First, we consider strategic issues facing internet marketers, and examine emerging and traditional theoretical frameworks and concepts of value.  Second, we examine the media characteristics and potential of the digital environment, and compare it to traditional forms of marketing communication.  Third, we study demand-side issues, examining consumer behavior in digital environments with implications for marketers.  These topics will be studied through cases, discussions of academic and trade articles, and projects. 

New Product Development (MGMT 693)

Exploration of the critical role of new products within the corporation and in small businesses focusing on consumer products.  Discusses the steps in new product development from ideal generation to business analysis and cross-functional team management to product launch into the marketplace.  Students will work in groups to develop their own new products and to prepare the key elements of a new product introduction.

Advertising Management (MGMT 697)

This course will delve into the strategies needed for developing successful advertising programs, from a manager's perspective.  We will examine all phases of the decision-making process, including: market analysis, budget setting, media selection and integration, and results evaluation.  both traditional and new forms of advertising will be explored.

Advanced Marketing Research (MGMT 699)

In this course we develop a thorough understanding surrounding the design of studies to measure perception and preference in a market.  Topics covered include: Projective Techniques, Multidimensional Scaling, Factor Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, and Choice Models.  Design of data collection instruments, collection, analysis, and reporting of results are emphasized in a project context.

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