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International Trip Mexico: Summer '05

    The International Management Club (IMC) visited EGADE on May 8 – 13, 2005.  EGADE is located in Monterrey , Mexico , and is one of the top business schools in the world.  The purpose of the trip was to allow IMC members to participate in international MBA experience and learn about businesses in Mexico .  The trip and the company visits were generously facilitated by Dr. Jaime Alonso Gomez, Dean of EGADE, and our friendly host, Professor Josefina Cardenas Nolazco.   

    The trip began with a guided tour of the EGADE campus and a meeting with several faculties and staff.  The IMC members participated in lectures by EGADE professors, who covered themes ranging from international management style to globalization of business.  

    In order to get a better understanding on how businesses in Monterrey differ from those in the US, the IMC went to visit local companies, which included General Electric/FUJI, Sylvania/Osram, VITRO, and Republica Urbana.  The office visits gave IMC members a glimpse at what makes Monterrey a unique city in Northern Mexico, as well as a perspective on some of the cross-cultural differences between doing business in Mexico and in the US .   

    In between lectures and office visits, the IMC managed to squeeze in some really fun activities, which included a tour to downtown Monterrey, the Governor’s Palace, the Museum of Mexican History, the Barrio Antiguo (an old neighborhood full of restaurants and bars with cobblestone streets), Santiago, the waterfall Cola de Caballo, and natural caverns, called Grutas de Garcia, located inside the top of a mountain and accessible only by cable car.  The IMC also attended a classical music concert given in an old monastery atop a hill with amazing views of Monterrey at night.

          Grutas de Garcia                      Cola de Caballo


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