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The second annual IMC’s International Partio was held on February 2, 2006.  The planning for the partio began over four months in advance, and began by recruiting volunteers to act as the country managers for the different regions.  The composition of the regions was planned to be an accurate representation of the student mix of at the Jones School.  In December, the final seven regions were formed:

  • Asia Pacific
  • India/Pakistan
  • USA
  • Africa/The Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Europe/Russia
  • Latin America

Throughout the winter break, all volunteers were given the tasks and reminders about the event.  In the mean time, the partio committee, led by Devina Bhojwani, focused on other critical issues, such as entertainment and scheduling.  In January, the IMC became more active in promoting the event to get everyone excited about the event.  At the same time, the IMC began was able to get several donors to agree to take part in the event and provide entertainment.

February 2 was the official kick-off of the International Partio.  The partio started at 6PM, with the following schedule:

  • 6:00PM.  Javanese Gamelan and Legong Kraton Dance by the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia
  • 6:30PM.  Salsa Dance by Rice Salseros
  • 6:45PM.  Indian Dance by friends and students of the Jones School
  • 7:00PM.  Lion Dance and Martial Arts by Houston Shaolin Academy
  • 7:30PM.  Belly Dance by Bella Donna Dance
  • 8:00PM.  Awards presentation

The final event for the evening was the awards presentation.  The awards were carefully judged by the Jones School faculty teams by looking at various criteria.  The winners of the IMC’s awards are listed below:

Category First Place Runner Up
Best Food Middle East India
Best Drink Pesco Drink (Latin America) Bubble Tea (Asia Pacific)
Best Table Africa
Best Dressed Group Suk Jin Lee and Family
Best Dressed Male Frank Lai and Haiping Ni (Tie)
Best Dressed Female April Sharr, Anna Akiwumi-Siriboe, and Nkechi Ikenga (Tie)
Most Represented Region India


The International Management Club would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity:

  • The Consulate of The Republic of Indonesia
  • Houston Shaolin Academy
  • Rice Salseros
  • Bella Donna Dance

Check out the links below for more pictures from the International Partio!

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