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Bechdel, Alison

More Dykes to Watch Out For (1988)

Bouldrey, Brian

Best American Gay Fiction 2 (1997)

Brown, Rita Mae

Cat on the Scent (1999)

Brown, Rita Mae

High Hearts (1996)

Brown, Rita Mae

In Her Day (1976)

Brown, Rita Mae

Loose Lips (1999)

Brown, Rita Mae

Murder She Meowed (1997)

Brown, Rita Mae

Outfoxed (1999)

Brown, Rita Mae

Rubyfruit Jungle (1973)

Brown, Rita Mae

Sudden Death (1983)

Brown, Rita Mae

Wish You Were Here (1990)

Brockton, Quinn

Queer as Folk: Never Tear Us Apart (2003)

Burford, Barbara

The Threshing Floor: Short Stories (1987)

Burton, Peter

The Mammoth Book of Gay Short Stories (1997)

Califia, Pat

No Mercy (2000)

Canning, Richard

Gay Fiction Speaks (2000)

Carrera, Juliet

Inside Out (1999)

Coe, Christopher

I look Divine (1987)

Cunningham, Michael

A home at the End of the World (1990)

Dinnerstein, Dorothy

The Mermaid and the Minotaur (1976)

Feinberg, David B

Spontaneous Combustion (1991)

Forrest, Kathrine

Amateur City (1984)

Galford, Ellen

Moll Cutpurse: Her True History (1985)

Hall, Radclyffe

The well of Loneliness: A 1920s Classic of Lesbian Fiction (1928)

Hart, Ellen

Wicked Games (1998)

Hart, Ellen

Hallowed Murder (1989)

Hart, Ellen

Hunting Witch (1999)

Hart, Ellen

Immaculate Midnight (2002)

Hart, Ellen

Vital Lies (1991)

Hart, Ellen

A killing Cure (1993)

Hart, Ellen

Robber's Wife (1996)

Hart, Ellen

The Oldest Sin (1996)

Hollinghurst, Alan

The Swimming Pool Library (1988)

Kopelson, Kevin

Love's Litany: The Writing of Modern Homoerotics (1994)

Lewis, Ted

The Rabbit (1998)

Maupin, Armistead

The Night Listener (2001)

Maupin, Armistead

Tales of the City (1978)

Maupin, Armistead

Sure of You (1989)

McDaniel, Judith

Sanctuary: A Journey (1987)

Merlis, Mark

Pyrrhus (1998)

Merrick, Gordon

Now Lets Talk About Music (1981)

Mishima, Yukio

Forbidden Colors (1968)

Puig, Manuel

Kiss of the Spider Woman (1978)

Rodi, Robert

Drag Queen (1995)

Roscoe, Will

Queer Spirits: A Gay Men's Myth Book (1995)

Ridgeway, Keith

The Long Falling (1998)

Steward, Samuel M.

Murder is Murder is Murder (1985)

Vidal, Gore

The City and the Pillar (1948)

Wilde, Oscar

The Importance of Being Earnest (1965)

Woodford, Peggy

Teens: Stories about Misfits (1984)



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