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So you're interested in becoming a part of GATHER, eh? Fabulous. Check out your options....

You'll probably want to join the listserv.. This is how you'll find out about all our upcoming events, as well as receive any news from us. Just send a blank e-mail to gather-l-join@listserv.rice.edu. Or go to https://mailman.rice.edu/mailman/listinfo/gather-l and fill out the form.

Looking for old posting to the GATHER-l listserv? Review previous postings to the listserv (since May 5, 2006) at GATHER-l Archives.

Or perhaps you'd like to join a committee..

Community Relations/Publicity Committee
The GATHER Community Relations committee deals with reaching out to other organizations, as well as exposing GATHER to the greater community in Houston, at Rice, even across the nation to other Universities and groups. We put together campaigns to get the word out about GATHER events, as well as coordinating with outside groups to get the best out of GATHER while networking with others. We also coordinate the input of the colleges, keeping the college governments up-to-date on GATHER events and integrating GATHER with the rest of the university. If you are good with people and want to make sure that GATHER meshes with the rest of the university and the gay community for years to come, feel free to e-mail us at gather@rice.edu.

Programming Committee
We're the ones that make your dreams come true (as long as you're dreaming of creating programs and making sure they happen). We have Coming Out Day programs, such as a speaker, a movie screening and a display in Farnsworth. For Trans Rememberance Day, we have a clothesline project and a talk/discussion planned. We will also be helping with the AIDS quilt on World AIDS Day. If there is some event you've always dreamed of having at Rice, this is the committee for you! there's plenty to do, so if youre looking to get involved programming is where its at. Contact us at gather@rice.edu.

Resources Committee
BOOKS, MOVIES, FLYERS, BANNERS, oh my. If you are interested in spreading the word about GATHER or having some input on the resouces that we aquire for the center you should be on the Resources/Publicity committee. This semester we will be working on finalizing the GATHER Resouce Acquisitions, creating a database of all GLBTQA resouces on campus, publicizing GATHER events on campus through banners and flyers, and promoting GATHER through press releases when necessary. We need anyone that's willing to help from colleges all across campus, as well as people who live on and off campus. If you are interested e-mail gather@rice.edu.

If you're interested in donating money to GATHER, go to http://giving.rice.edu/studentaffairs and click on the "make a gift" link. You will need to select "other" as your designation and in the "special instruction section" enter our name/contact information as GATHER (G82116 599000).

If you have any books, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, or other resources you'd like to donate to the library, please contact the Resources Chair at gather@rice.edu.