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Ad Hoc Curriculum Review Committee

November 4, 1998: Second vote by faculty on Amended University-Wide Requirements andLanguage Competency Requirements . In addition,Tom Haskell has prepared a Resolution of Understanding that he plans to offer to the faculty which the committee believes is in accord with its intentions and expectations regarding implementation.

November 1, 1998 Additional information about implementation of the Language Competency Requirements

October 13, 1998 Understandings and Recommendations for Implementing the Proposed University-wide Curricular Changes

October 12, 1998 Revised Report on University-Wide Requirements originally published in the Rice News (4/28/98)

September 9, 1998: University-Wide Requirements were amended and adopted by the faculty on a first vote

Materials prepared for Faculty Meeting September 9, 1998:

Letter to Faculty

Summary of the Process by which the proposal has come into being and observations about main components

Brief version of University-Wide Requirements and Language Competency Requirements

Revised Ways of Knowing Descriptions

Frequently (or occasionally) asked questions about the proposed curriculum changes -- September 1 1998

More information on the Basic Physical Education Instructional Program prepared July 6, 1998 for the ad hoc Curriculum Review Committee by Dale Spence.

Minutes from Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, April 29, from 2:30-4pm in 301 Sewall Hall.

Neal Lane's observations on the need for connections among "ways of knowing" presented on Wednesday, April 29, at 4pm at the Baker Institute 

Report on University-Wide Requirements as published in the Rice News (4/28/98) for consideration at a special faculty meeting which was held on Wednesday, April 29, from 2:30-4pm in 301 Sewall Hall.

April 1998 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Report

Spring 1998 Faculty Meeting Schedule

Spring 1998 Student Meeting Schedule

February 1998 Summary of Preliminary Proposal

February 1998 Preliminary Proposal to Faculty for Discussion

Notes for Preliminary Report on Curricular Revision February 1998

Spring 1997 Faculty Meeting Summaries

December 1997 Evolving Executive Summary of Preliminary Report

Letter to Alumni in OWLMANAC Fall 1997

Questionnaire for Alumni in OWLMANAC Fall 1997

1997 Spring Faculty Meeting Schedule

Letter to Faculty March 12, 1997

Links to Other Universities

We wish to encourage many opportunities for campus-wide discussion on this important issue and to that end we suggest that you visit a website setup by colleagues who are apprehensive about what they fear our committee will ultimately recommend at http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/Concerned/.

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