This page has the conference schedule from the NSF Conference held at Rutgers University in February 2005 and a picture of the participants.  The conference proceedings will be available soon in a volume published by Sense Publishers. The table of contents is below. Conference papers have been removed from the website because of copyright considerations;  if you have questions please contact the organizers or authors (bios below include email addresses.)

Brief Summary of our proposal

Draft of our paper presented in Leeds summarizing the conference in Word

Draft of our paper presented in Leeds summarizing the conference in PDF

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Participant Brief Bios (updated 2/15/2005)

Conference Photo

Conference Organizers

Richard Grandy and Richard A. Duschl



Table of Contents of the forthcoming book:

Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Recommendations for Research and Application

Edited by

Richard A. Duschl

Rutgers University, USA


Richard E. Grandy

Rice University, USA



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Preface ix


Chapter 1. Reconsidering the Character and Role of Inquiry in School

Science: Framing the Debates                                                             1

Richard Duschl & Richard Grandy

Day 1 – Foundations of Science Education

Inquiry: The Child as Scientist

Chapter 2. In What Sense Can The Child Be Considered to Be a

“Little Scientist”?                                                                         38

William Brewer

Chapter 3. Commentary: Three Questions about Development                        50

Leona Schauble

Inquiry: How Science Works

Chapter 4. Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Practice                         57

Nancy Nersessian

Chapter 5. Commentary: Modeling Science Classrooms after

Scientific Laboratories                                                                         80

Fouad Ab-El-Khalick

Inquiry: Knowledge as Social Processes

Chapter 6. Social Epistemology of Science                                                 86

Miriam Solomon

Chapter 7. Commentary: Should the Sociology of Science Be Rated X? 95

Nancy Brickhouse

Inquiry: Conceptual Change and Constructivism

Chapter 8. Inquiry, Activity and Epistemic Practice                                     99

Gregory Kelly

Chapter 9. Commentary on “Inquiry, Activity and Epistemic Practice” 118

John Rudolph

Day 1 Panel Discussion – Foundations of Science Education

Chapter 10. Philosophical Issues and Next Steps for Research             123

Stephen Stich                                                                             123

Harvey Siegel                                                                             129

Helen Longino                                                                           134

Day 2 – Practice and Policy in Science Education

Inquiry: Epistemic Practices in Classrooms

Chapter 11. Identifying Inquiry and Conceptualizing Abilities                         138

David Hammer, Rosemary Russ, Jamie Mikeska & Rachel Scherr

Chapter 12. Commentary: Exploring Children’s Understanding of the

Purpose and Value of Inquiry                                                             157

William Sandoval

Inquiry: Engineering the Design of Learning Environments

Chapter 13. Engineering Pedagogical Reform: A Case Study of Technology

Supported Inquiry                                                                         164

Daniel Edelson

Chapter 14. A Commentary on Engineering Pedagogical Reform             182

Janice Bordeaux

Inquiry: Learning to use Data, Models and Explanations

Chapter 15. Learning to Use Scientific Models: Multiple Dimensions of

Conceptual Change                                                                         191

Clark Chinn & Ala Samarapungavan

Chapter 16. Commentary on Chinn’s & Samarapungavan’s Paper             226

Joseph Krajick

Inquiry: Literacy Practices and Science Communication

Chapter 17. Reading as Inquiry                                                            233

Stephen Norris & Linda Phillips

Chapter 18. Inquiry as InscriptionalWork: A Commentary on Norris &

Phillips                                                                                                 263

Philip Bell

Day 2 Panel Discussion Practice & Policy in Science Education

Chapter 19. Practice and Next Steps for Educational Research 268

Drew Gitomer                                                                                     268

Cindy Hmelo-Silver                                                                        272

Eugenia Etkina                                                                                    275

Mark Windschitl                                                                                    278

Reflections and Recommendations

Chapter 20. Codas

What is Inquiry? To Whom Should It be Authentic?                                     284

Nancy Brickhouse

Continuing Conversation Regarding Inquiry                                                288

Greg Kelly

Our Challenges in Disrupting Popular Folk Theories of

“Doing Science”                                                                                     292

Mark Windschitl

Chapter 21. Consensus: Expanding The Scientific Method and

School Science                                                                                     304

Richard Grandy & Richard Duschl

Bibliography                                                                                    323

Authors Bios                                                                                     351

Index                                                                                                 360