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Philip Kortum
Rice University
The Human Factors Research Laboratory is located on the 1st floor of Sewall Hall in room 121.

These labs contain a variety of tools that allow us to prototype visual and auditory interfaces and space to run experiments evalauating these interfaces. Much of the research in my lab takes place in the field, and so extensive facilites are not always required.


  • Ian Robertson (Ph.D program), Usability metrics
  • Mei Gao (Ph.D program) Medical interfaces for home health
  • Claudia Ziegler Acemyan (Ph.D): Graduated 2014.Voting systems usability. Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Rice University
  • Danea Holmes (Ph.D.) : Graduated 2015 auditory voting systems. Currently with Twitch
  • Chad Tossel, Ph.D. : Graduated 2012. Mobile computing systems. Currently on the faculty at the United States Air Force Academy
  • Andy Su, MS: Graduated 2011. Auditory interfaces. Currently at Amazon
  • Rochelle Evans, Ph.D. : Graduated 2011. Auditory interfaces. Currently at Google