Rice Vegetarian Club
Announcements (21 Mar 2006):
  • Looks like this website might not get updated for a while, actually. We'll see...

  • In the meantime... we are having TWO MORE DINNERS this semester!

    Saturday, March 25, 6:15 pm, LOVETT COMMONS
    Saturday, April 15, 6:15 pm, TBA

  • If you're not already on our listserv, go sign up at https://mailman.rice.edu/mailman/listinfo/rvc See you soon!

The Rice Vegetarian Club is a very informal organization interested in vegetarian issues. Membership is free, noncommittal and comes with no requirements (being vegetarian is not a prerequisite). Reviews of restaurants, good recipes, suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc. are welcome. You might first wish to consult the Internet (including the links on this page) for questions about specific recipes, nuances of vegetarian philosophy, or ingredients of particular foods.

To give feedback, please send e-mail to the Veggie Club at veggie (at) rice (dot) edu.

Local Activites

Our weekly meeting and meal.
See this semester's schedule.
To sign up for or drop from our mailing list, send a request to veggie (at) rice (dot) edu.


The constitution by which we live and breathe.
RVC guidebook (for RVC officers)

Local Info

Get information on the case against Oprah Winfrey
Quick Tips for Vegetarians (postscript)
Health issues
Vegetarian Society of Houston

Global Info on the Net

Vegetarian Pages The best source for veggie info on WWW.
Vegetarian Support Group at MIT.
Vegan-L FAQ
Vegetarian Vacations