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Rice Vs. TCU

October 28, 2000

Amon Carter Stadium

ANNOUNCER            Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the scariest band in the land - the Rice University Marching Owl Band! (five second pause)    BOO!

ENTRANCE:             Halloween-costume-clad MOB scatters to…


ANNOUNCER:          Once upon a time, there were eight schools who spent many years playing games among themselves.  But when some of the greedier schools decided they weren't making enough money, the horned frogs were stuck with the mustangs and the owls on an island.  But at least they managed to stay away from the Huskers.

MUSIC:                      Ratburger in Paradise

ACTION                  Owl, pony, and purple horned frog are lost and      They join various other characters on an island - WAC mascots (a miner, Captain Cone, a bulldog, a Spartan, a "happy" rainbow warrior...)  They are followed by large TV cameras.  As time permits, other Survivor activities are parodied.  Rats are eaten.  Song ends, MOB scatters to…

FORMATION       two sets of lines (leaving an "aisle" in the middle)

ANNOUNCER:        The owl,  the frog, and others had to use a lifeline.  They got involved with the WAC, hoping to marry multimillionaires.  However, when the money didn't come through, half of the schools broke it off, saying they needed more…  exposure.

MUSIC                     Wedding March

ACTION                  The mascots gather to get married to a "bride" in a mock ceremony. Halfway through, the bride changes her mind and runs away.  She can drop the "wedding gown" to reveal flesh-colored "naked" clothes (like in Michigan) as cameramen swarm around her.  The mascots stand there looking lost.  SA's throw rice; song ends and MOB scatters to...

FORMATION            Island

ANNOUNCER:        Not everyone could survive, and the schools met in tribal council to decide who would be kicked off the island.  Would it be the pony who couldn't take his own tests?  The spitting bulldog?  The rainbow warrior who seemed just a bit too... happy?   ahhhh...  YOU!  The purple lizards... You have grown fat and annoying - feasting on football cupcakes.  T-C-U, the tribe has spoken!  

MUSIC                     Hit the Road Jack

ACTION                  Tribal council.  Purple frog is holding torch which gets extinguished.  sorry, no real fire on the field :) Gets kicked out of circle.  A large sign could be held up saying "Nebraska".  The lizard runs toward it, sees what it says, then runs away from it.

ANNOUNCER:        The 2000 season marks the end of 87 years of athletic association between Rice and T-C-U.  Too bad.  We wish T-C-U well in its move to Conference U-S-A and its attempt to schedule an eleventh game for next season.  Thanks for the competition, thanks for the sportsmanship, and most of all, thanks for the wins.

MUSIC:                      Louie           

ACTION                  Leave


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