Rice University Campus Observatory

Guides Guides and Troubleshooting
PDF Manual LX200GPS Start up checklist [OBSOLETE!]
PDF Manual Guide to high precission pointing with TheSky and TPoint [OBSOLETE!]
PDF Manual Troubleshooting the LX200 <-> TheSky Connection [OBSOLETE!]

Software Manuals Software Manuals
PDF Manual TheSky Version 6 (Paramount)
PDF Manual TPoint (Paramount + Sky6)
PDF Manual CCDOps Version 5.35NT

Hardware Hardware Manuals
PDF Manual 16 inch LX200GPS Manual [OBSOLETE!]
PDF Manual ETX Telescope Manual
PDF Manual SBIG ST-7XE CCD Manual
PDF Manual SBIG ST-9E CCD Manual
PDF Manual Self-Guided Spectrograph Manual
PDF Manual CFW8/A Manual
Image File UBVRI Filter Characteristics