We ask everyone who joins us to please abide by the following rules so that all of us can enjoy cricket together:

  • Subscribe to the Cricket Mailing List. You will receive a couple of emails every week with information about our game the corresponding weekend.
  • Download, print, and fill up the agreement and information form and bring it with you when you first join us for a game. Rice allows only those people to play on campus whose agreement forms Rice has on record.
  • Most of the protective equipment we use belongs to the club. As a result, the same equipment is used by batsman after batsman in quick succession. To minimize discomfort to others as well as to yourself, we ask that you wear full trousers/ trackpants, and not shorts, when you turn up. People who do not use club equipment are free to choose any attire they feel comfortable in.
  • The abdomen guard/protective cup is an absolutely necessary part of a batsman's protective equipment. Again, for your own comfort, as well as that of others, please wear a cup holder/supporter prior to using the abdomen guard.
  • When we send out an email for a game, and you respond saying that you will play, you should try to keep your word. It becomes very disappointing when people promise to come and then don't show up. If you do have to break your word, the least you can do is to convey the message to us well before the game.
  • Our weekend games go on for almost four hours in the sun, and they can get very tiring, especially during the summer months. Each player should be responsible for his own food and drinks during the games.
  • And finally, please be on time. The beginning time is reserved for practice, but once we make the teams and start the game, it is very difficult to accomodate latecomers.
Rice University Game at College Station

That's it. Phew!!