One of the main things Owlchemy does is to perform demonstrations at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, located 1/2 mile from campus. It is a lot fun and any student with any major can go. We'll teach you how to do everything. Come and meet the annoying and repetitive museum video.

The Young Owlchemist's Handbook

         gives you some tips and demonstrations that we do at the museum.

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Look at how many people have gone in the past:

January 22 January 23 January 29 January 30

Jim Allers

Carolyn Leap

Dan Heller

David Barron

Leah Casabianca

David Price

Jay Henderson

John Kacher

Allie King

Chris Sullivan

Kelsey Hughes

Jim Allers

December 4 December 5 December 11 December 12

Dan Heller

Michael Mandzack

Ben Hayden

Kevin Koller

Jim Allers

Kimathi S.R. Blackwood

Jim Allers

Igor Karpov

Nathan Susnow


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