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  FAQ and Mission Statement

Who are you guys, anyway?
Owlchemy is both a service organization and your friendly neighborhood chemistry club (a student affiliates chapter of the American Chemical Society). We perform chemistry demonstrations at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and local schools, take trips to places like the ACS national convention, bring in speakers, tutor students, and much more! And you can, too


But I'm not a science major
Your point?


That means there's nothing for me, right?
Nothing could be farther from the truth! Our illustrious president is actually a Linguistics/Cognitive Science major. Owlchemy is for anyone who wants to do some service to the community and have some fun (blow stuff up) at the same time. We'll gladly teach you all the chemistry you need to know, so don't worry about it. Just email us.


Sounds great, where do I sign?
Just go to the museum supplication page and fill out the form, or just drop a note to Laura Laughlin that says "I want to go to the museum one day this weekend."


This web page looks different than it used to.
Yep. The Owlchemy Web Page Brigade has been hard at work trying to make this web page the one stop click shop for all matters Owlchemical. Perhaps someday it'll be finished.


How should I use this web page?
Just use the image map and navigation bars to navigate the site. It should be pretty easy to find what you're looking for, with the new categories.


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