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Donald Calledare is an Italian-born painter and writer who has lived and worked in Houston for many years, creating a substantial body of large scale paintings that explore landscapes of the imagination, the mythic and the fantastic. He is a contributing editor of the Texas art magazine "Artlies" and has written frequently on contemporary art and culture. Donald's manuscript, composed under the name of the fictional writer Generico Vespucci, became the libretto for AlienNation's MIGBOT exhibition and the development of a new opera, MIRAK.


1998: MIGBOT, AlienNation Co., Winter Street Art Center, Houston

1998: Group Show of paintings and photography, ArtScan, Houston

1997--Texas National, Nacogdoches Texas

1995--Day of the Dead, Lawndale, Houston

Portfolio 2000, College Station, Tx.

The Big Show, Lawndale, Houston

1994--Day of the Dead, Lawndale, Houston

* Fergus-Fernandez Gallery, Houston

The Big Show, Lawndale

Out of This World, Contemporary Arts Museum,Houston

1993--Scenic Allegories, Lawndale

Day of the Dead, Lawndale

Anonymous Show, West End Gallery, Houston

The Portrait Show, West End Gallery, Houston

West End, West End Gallery, Houston

1992--Dream and Imagination, Six Houston painters, Transco Gallery, Houston

Day of the Dead, Lawndale

The Big Show, Lawndale

Case for Art, Lawndale at Houston Central Library

Houston Area Exhibition, Blaffer Gallery, Houston

1991--The War Show, Fountainhead Gallery, Houston

1990--Group Show, Economic Summit, G.V.G. Gallery

Group Show, Graham Gallery, Houston

1989--MFA Thesis Show, Blaffer Gallery, Houston

1988--Synergy 88, Museum of Fine Arts at Glassell, Houston

1987--East End Show, Lawndale Annex, Houston

1982--* Galleria Albatross, Rome, Italy

1979--Group Show, Obelisk Gallery, London, England

1976--* Deja Vu, Coffeehouse/Gallery, Los Angeles

1975--* Kerchoff Hall, UCLA

*Indicates solo exhibits


Crossing the Great Divide, review, ArtLies Magazine, March 1994

Decoding Violence:A Few Texas Photographers, review, ArtLies Magazine,May-June 1994

La Cordillera Enamorada, review, ArtLies Magazine,October-November 1994

Surreal Cargo Hits Texas Gulf Coast: Nine Survivors, review, ArtLies Magazine, January 1995

Invisible Dragon, book review,ArtLies Magazine, February-March 1995

Fabula Rasa, review, ArtLies Magazine, April-May 1995

Bridge Exhibition, review, ArtLies Magazine, June-July 1995

Orienting Illusions, review, ArtLies Magazine, October-November 1995

Codex Mesouranima, article,ArtLies Magazine, April-June 1996

ArtLies Magazine, Issue #11, Editor, June-September 1996

Panarchy 666, article, ArtLies Magazine, June-September 1996

Trance Plantain, review, ArtLies Magazine, Spring 1997

Jorge Garnica, review, ArtLies Magazine, Summer 1997

Troy Woods,review, ArtLies Magazine, Fall 1997

Cliff Notes to American Canvas, ArtLies magazine, Winter 1997

Interview with Reverend Tony Cambell, ArtLies magazine, Winter 1997

Theater of the Beyond, ArtLies magazine, Spring 1998


Portfolio 2000,Shelley Smithson,Bryan-College Station Eagle, May14,1995

Works, Eric Schwab, ArtLies magazine, May-June 1994

A Critic’s Notebook,Susie Kaliel, Houston Press, June3,1993

Scenic Allegories, Rachel Ranta,Catalog, Lawndale Art and Performance Center, May 1993

Studio: 2409 Commerce St.

Houston, Tx. 77003

(713) 228-4748


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