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    Experimental Study of Three-Dimensional Separated Flow Surrounding a Hemisphere-Cylinder at Incidence
    Andrew J. Meade, Jr. and Lewis B. Schiff.
    Submitted to Experiments in Fluids, 1995.

    Keywords:: experimental fluid dynamics, transonic flow, three-dimensional boundary layer separation, topology.

    Abstract: Detailed experimental surface pressure coefficient measurements were obtained for a hemisphere-cylinder-flare model in the low supersonic Mach number range ($ \rm{M}_\infty = 1.2$) at various angles of incidence ($0^\circ$ to $27.5^\circ$). The surface pressure values at each angle of incidence were smoothed and checked against their respective oil-flow photographs. The smoothed results were then used to validate a theory which relates the number and type of topological singular points observed in the oil-flow patterns with local surface pressure extrema.

    This work was supported under NASA grant NCC 2-334.

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