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Last Modified: 23-jan-06

Airport Shuttle Service

The Airport Express shuttle service offers the most affordable shuttle service to the official conference hotels. The rate from Houston Intercontinental Airport to the Medical Center area, where the hotels are located, is $24 per person. The rate from Hobby Airport to the Medical Center is $19 per person. The shuttles run approximately hourly from both airports and deposit passengers directly in front of the Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Suites, and Best Western hotels on Main St. The trip takes about an hour, depending on traffic, from Houston Intercontinental, and about 20 minutes from Hobby.

At Houston Intercontinental Airport, the Airport Express desk is located across from the baggage claim area in Terminal C, by a sign that reads "Express Shuttle." You must purchase your shuttle ticket at this desk. (To get to Terminal C if your flight does not arrive there, follow the signs to the inter-terminal train or walkways.) At Hobby Airport, the Express Shuttle desk is also located across from the baggage claim area, in Hobby's only terminal.

To contact Airport Express, call (713) 523-8888.

For more information or reservations on-line see:


The following taxi services operate out of both the Intercontinental and Hobby airports:

Airport Taxi Service: (281) 444-TAXI
Liberty Cab: (713) 695-6700
Yellow Cab: (713) 236-1111

Fares from Hobby Airport to the Medical Center vary from $24-$28 (plus tip). From Houston Intercontinental, the fare is capped at $48 (plus tip). Please note that if you are arriving with a group of conference participants, it may be more cost-effective to split the taxi fare rather than utilize the shuttle service. The taxi driver will not necessarily tell you that there is a cap on the fare, but there is information in the back of the cab on the zones.

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Public Transport

It is possible to take a Houston Metro bus from IAH or Hobby. From Bush Intercontinental (IAH), the bus will go downtown, where you can take the metro tram which goes to Rice's campus and the hotels in the area. From Hobby, the bus goes through the Medical Center and past the Western end of Rice's campus. The trip from IAH will take almost 2 hours, while from Hobby it will take approximately 45 minutes.

Returning to the Airport

If you choose to return to the airport via the Airport Express shuttle service, you can arrange a pickup by calling them directly at the above number. Please make your reservation with Airport Express at least 3 hours prior to the time of your departure from the hotel; the night before if you are leaving in the morning. If you choose to return via taxi, call any of the above services at least forty-five minutes prior to your departure. Unfortunately the shuttles have a reputation of missing pickups. They will only pick up and set down from designated sites.

Our graduate students have offered their help to do some airport pick-ups. If you need an airport pick-up please contact us as soon as possible.