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1.  The name of this organization is "Leaders for Change".
2.  The purpose of this organization shall be as follows:
        a) provide a support network for social activists at Rice.
        b) promote awareness about global citizenzry and global justice issues.
        c) establish a link between Rice student leaders and the global community.
3.  Members of this organization shall be as follows:
        a) regular members: All students at Rice and their spouses are eligible
        b) honorary members: All other persons interested in joining the club (i.e. faculty
        members, alumni, students at other universities, etc.) are eligible
        c) at least one-half of the members must be members of the Rice community.
     The principal officers of each organization must be currently registered students
     at Rice University.
4.  Membership will be contingent upon meeting minimal membership requirements.
     Honorary members are not required to pay any membership fees.
5.  All decisions, including minimal requirements, will be voted on by the regular
     members. In order to make a decision, 51% of the organization's regular
     members must be present. In order to pass a decision, at least 51% of the present
     members must vote in the affirmative. At times when a decision must be made
     within one week, officers have authority to pass decisions only with unanimous
     agreement within their ranks.
6.  The executive committee will consist of the following:
        a) the President, or co-Presidents, preferably a Oxfam CHANGE leader, who
        shall oversee all the meetings and activities, and who shall make sure that,
        at all times, the organization is abiding by the rules and regulations set
        forth by the Student Association of Rice University. In the case that a
        representative is needed, the president will represent the organization on
        its behalf, except in the case where another member has been assigned by vote
        according to the measure described in article 5. Furthermore, it shall be the
        responsibility of the President to maintain a healthy relationship with Oxfam
        America, and CHANGE leaders throughout the country.
        b) the Vice-president, who shall be responsible for documenting all association
        paperwork, coordinating, scheduling, and publicizing events and, in the absence
        of the President(s), should fulfill his/her tasks.
        c) the Secretary, who will take and distribute the minutes from all meetings,
        will keep e-mail updates, and maintain correspondence with affiliate
        organizations and club members.
        d) the Treasurer, who shall maintain a correct balance of the organization's
        funds, who shall keep track of the checkbook of the organization, and who shall
        be in charge of fundraising responsibilities and donations, and who shall
        regularly make available a written breakdown of the income and expenses of the
        organization to the President.
        e) the Technical Administrator, who shall oversee the design and maintenance of
        the club Web Page, set up the Listserv, and ensure that all technical support
        is overseen. The presence of all members of the executive committee is
        mandatory for all regular meetings.
7.  Members of the executive committee shall be selected by the following in order of
     descending priority:
        a) If possible, the President will be selected from among present or former
        CHANGE Leaders.
        b) A general vote will be held from the pool of candidates every year according
        to the measures described in article 5.
8.  When necessary, special tasks can be assigned to members by vote according to the
     measures described in article 5 or by application and assignment by
     executive committee.
9.  All money spent shall be voted on by the regular members, except in matters of
     urgency as prescribed by article 5. The authority to sign checks shall be
     given to the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. Two signatures are
     required for each check.
10. The selection of the faculty sponsor for the organization must be voted on
     according to the measures described in article 5.
11. Amendments to the organization's constitution can only be made by a 2/3
     majority vote of regular members.

I&E interconnecting and empowering the Global Community
  literacy programs/ ESL; access to educational resources
2.  filling out bills/domestic forms acclimatization
3.  health benefits/access; legal rights and empowerment
4.  speaker events, informing Rice Campus about global issues
5.  helping them understand the American democratic process so that if immigrants have problems in their respective countries, they will know how to bring attention to an issue.
6.  maybe some ASB trips through CIC to help out internationally
7.  offering a student connection to reach out to immigrant community in Houston and vice versa

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