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Our beginnings…

Attempts to begin a chapter of GWIB met resistance in early 1990s.

Under new leadership, we increased our support and established GWIB chapter in summer of 2000 with the following purposes


To organize and network within Jones School program and Houston.


To enrich the women in our program through create forum for dialogue related gender issues, our program, and the business community as a whole.


During our first year, we completed the following accomplishments:

  1. Established our chapter.
  2. Conducted independent studies related to gender and leadership
  3. Hosted events including breakfasts, interview workshops, alumni contact opportunities, and terrific speakers.
  4. Hosted and organized a stellar Conference on Women in Leadership, sponsored by the Jones School and many industry alliance partners.
  5. Developed a partnership with the Admissions Office to contact prospective women that have been accepted to program and act as mentor from their first point of contact.

All of these events served to attract more women to business school and to join our chapter network.



This year we have developed new goals to continuously improve our programs and presence in the community.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Continue successful programs from last year, such as the Conference on Women in Leadership and the partnership with the Admissions Office.
  2. Add new events that demonstrate our commitment to our community of women outside of business: Race for the Cure, Dress for Success.
  3. Introduced once a month Golf Clinics with pros to provide our members with an opportunity to learn this business-centric game in a non-threatening environment.
  4. Formed alliances with the men in our program to provide opportunity to learn from one another about gender differences, as well as allow them to demonstrate support for our initiatives.
  5. Formed alliances with the Woman’s Energy Network and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.


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