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3rd Annual Women in Leadership Conference
March 7, 2003

Conference Theme:

Managing With Effective Communication: A Blueprint for Success

One of the most common characteristics of successful business leaders is their ability to effectively communicate their ideas and objectives to others. Research concludes that effective communication is an essential leadership attribute that, not only, contributes to the development of solid strategies but also proves to be a catalyst for the progression of long-lasting careers. Just as leaders have to carefully monitor and balance the many alternatives of their business decisions, they must also master the ability to listen well to what is being said and the ability to adjust to constantly changing business environments. This year’s conference will focus on developing these described communication traits, and creating personal strategies that are useful in the development of confident business leaders.

In addition, we will delve into topics that affect women in business that are specific to industry.  In the afternoon, we will engage in panel discussions that challenge each of us to examine our biases and build our skill sets.

As a conclusion to our day, we will host a conference networking reception that will give attendees the opportunity to interact with corporate alliance partners.  Conference registrants will be provided with an option of signing up to be partnered with an industry mentor, and GWIB officers will introduce mentoring teams during the closing reception. 


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