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Health Resources in Houston

AIDS Foundation Houston
A non-profit, community based organization that is a direct provider of resources for HIV/AIDS services and information. AFH works in collaboration with other AIDS service organizations and non AIDS related community based groups to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS infection and to support people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. For more information visit www.aidshelp.org.

The goal of AssistHers is to help lesbian women to stay as independent as possible, as long as possible, when dealing with a debilitating illness. Visit www.assisthers.org for more information.

Bering Omega Community Services
Aims to nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of persons with critical health needs through compassionate programs and services. Visit http://www.beringomega.org for more information.

Houston Area HIV Services
The Houston Area HIV Services Ryan White Planning Council will improve the quality of life and advocate for those infected with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS by taking a leadership role in the planning and assessment of HIV resources. Visit www.rwpc.org for more information.

Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston, Inc.
A nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify, address, educate, serve and empower the Houston lesbian community in all its diversity, on issues of health and well-being. Meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month. Volunteers are needed to assist with health fairs and other events and activities. Medical background is not necessary to volunteer. Visit www.lhihouston.org for more information.

Marjo House
A nonprofit organization dedicated to lifting hearts, minds and the quality of life of individuals with HIV/AIDS. Our purpose is preparing HIV/AIDS patients to meet their obligations to themselves, their families, their community and their God. The program provides individual and specific needs to our clients. We meet the needs through education on HIV/AIDS, housing, encouragement, drug prevention, support & resource service, transitional living arrangements, and mentorship. Contact 713.675.7778 for more information.

Montrose Clinic
Montrose Clinic has physicians and nurse practitioners that specialize in providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS health care and services to persons living with HIV. Services include Primary Care, Phlebotomy, Medical Case Management, Dermatology, Psychiatry and Clinical Research. Visit http://www.montroseclinic.org/ for more information.