Composting Pilot Project

This was a project to test the feasibility and mechanics of large-scale composting of our organic waste at Rice University.

A detailed description of the project is also available.

History of the Earth Tub

Jones Residential College was the pilot site (due to close proximity of high yard waste areas). Rice bought one Earth Tub from GMT. During the Fall '98 semester, the students of Jones began separating their food waste in the food service area and we started sampling the volume and weight of this waste (results), along with the sorting accuracy. The Earth Tub arrived on Jan 4, 1999 and was moved to Jones College to begin installation. Installation completed on 1-21-99, the tub was filled 2/3 full of leaves and we started to add food (and degradable bags) on 1-25-99. The bags wrapped around the auger, hindering its effectiveness, so they are now excluded.

The Earth Tub was moved to Sid Richardson College in 2003.

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