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Links Regarding Minority Communities (under construction)

Migrations. [not specified]. New York Public Library. 17 March 2005 <>
A comprehensive website, organized around thirteen "defining migrations that have formed and transformed African America and the nation", featuring more than 16,500 pages of texts and 8,300 illustrations.

Documenting the American South.16 March 2005. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 20 March 2005 <>
"[A] digital publishing initiative that provides Internet access to texts, images, and audio files related to Southern history, literature, and culture from the colonial period through the first decades of the 20th century." Organized by collection, with many minority-relevant resources in each collection.

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive. 16 November 2004. University of Southern Mississippi. 20 March 2005 <>
A digital archive featuring oral histories, manuscripts, and photographs related to Civil Rights in Mississippi.

Voices of Civil Rights. 17 February 2005. AARP, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and the Library of Congreess. 20 March 2005. <>
Features an American Civil Rights timeline and many individual reflections on Civil Rights; pertains to a wide variety of minorities. 10 March 2005. American Indian Heritage Foundation. 20 March 2005 <>
Information presented includes NativeWire (a news service) and a lengthy list of links in the resource directory; focus is primarily on resources for present-day Native Americans.

Migrations: A Collection of Views on Mexican Immigration to the United States. 15 September 2004. University of California, Berkeley. 20 March 2005 <>
A well-organized immigration timeline and summary, as well as links to source materials that include photographs, census data, articles, and more.

The Civil Rights Project. 17 March 2005. Harvard University. 20 March 2005 <>
News, research, events, and policy action for present-day American civil rights.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans. 14 October 2004. [none] 20 March 2005 <>
Images, personal statements, and articles from veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, primarily from 1960-1966.

Alaskool. 16 December 2004. University of Alaska. 20 March 2005 <>
A guide to many Native Alaskan issues, including land claims, racism in Alaska, and reindeer herding.

Native Americans and the Environment. 10 September 2002. National Council for Science and the Environment. 20 March 2005 <>
A document and case study archive regarding Native Americans' environmental concerns and issues.

From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of African-American History. 13 February 2003. Library of Congress. 20 March 2005 <>
A detailed timeline of African-American history.

American Memory. 11 February 2005. Library of Congress. 20 March 2005. <>
A muiltimedia guide to American Memory, divided into categories that include African American History and Immigration, American Expansion. Many minority-related resources can be found in those categories as well as in Culture, Folklife and Native American History.

The Wampum Chronicles. 18 October 2004. [none] 20 March 2005. <>
A personal site about the Mohawk Nation, with links to many historical documents and the author's own source materials.

Border Crossings. 15 December 2002. University of Iowa. 20 March 2005. <>
A large list of links regarding borders and migration experiences, including Diaspora, La Frontera, and Cyborgs. Each category from the main page contains useful links pertaining to a variety of minorities.

VoS Minority Studies. [not specified] University of California, Santa Barbara. 20 March 2005. <>
An immense and frequently updated list of links, including general minority study links as well as links grouped by specific minorities.

Minority Literature, Multi-cultural Resources. 18 September 2000. Nagasaki University. 20 March 2005. <>
Many useful links, with a slight bent toward literary movements. Though the site has not been updated recently, the majority of its links are still functional.

MIT Libraries Ethnic and Minority Studies Subject Guide. 30 June 2004. Massachussets Institute of Technology. 20 March 2005. <>
The sidebar links reference many useful links, grouped by ethnicity.

U.S. Census Minority Links. 20 May 2004. U.S. Census Bureau. 20 March 2005. <>
Census information on Latino, Black, Native Hawaiian, and American Indian/Alaskan populations. Not all links were functional at last use.

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